Commonly Used Synonyms

Commonly Used Synonyms

List of the 100 Commonly used synonyms in English.  Read the various synonyms for the commonly used words of English. Learn the list of synonyms and enhance your vocabulary.

List of Commonly used synonyms

1.    to imagine to suppose, to assume
2.    to illustrate to demonstrate
3.    to illuminate to clarify
4.    to ignore to disregard
5.    to hurry to rush
6.    to hazard to endanger
7.    to hawk to peddle
8.    to hand sth. out to distribute
9.    to grouse to grumble
10. to grab to seize
11. to glitter to sparkle
12. to function to operate
13. to foretell to predict
14. to float to drift
15. to fabricate to manufacture
16. to explode to blow up
17. to expire to run out
18. to evaluate to assess
19. to establish to set up
20. to enquire to investigate
21. to encounter to come across
22. to emphasize to stress
23. to elevate to raise, to promote
24. to disclose to reveal
25. to disclaim to deny
26. to disappear to vanish
27. to diminish to decrease
28. to differentiate to distinguish
29. to desert to abandon
30. to deprive to corrupt
31. to denote to indicate, to represent
32. to denationalize to privatize
33. to demonstrate to protest
34. to deduce to infer
35. to cope to manage
36. to convey to communicate
37. to consult to refer to
38. to connect to associate, to put through (telephone)
39. to confuse to mix up
40. to conform to comply
41. to confine to restrict
42. to condemn to sentence
43. to collect to gather
44. to collapse to break down
45. to close to shut
46. to cite to quote
47. to chop to cut
48. to bring sth. on to cause
49. to bring sth. back to reintroduce
50. to bring sb. up to raise
51. to behave to act


commonly used synonyms

 List 2

1.    to begin to start
2.    to beat to defeat
3.    to bear on sth. to affect
4.    to assure to guarantee
5.    to arrive to reach
6.    to appear to seem
7.    to answer to reply
8.    to annoy to irritate, to bother
9.    to admit to confess
10. to administer to manage
11. to accumulate to build up
12. to accomplish to achieve
13. thrive prosper
14. testament testimony
15. terror terrorism
16. temper mood
17. tailored tailor-made
18. surroundings environment
19. surplus excess
20. sure certain
21. suppress restrain
22. superb magnificent
23. sunrise dawn
24. sundown sunset
25. suggest propose
26. sufficient ample
27. successful prosperous
28. substantially considerably
29. stupid silly
30. stupid dense
31. steady regular
32. stationary fixed
33. stable steady
34. stable steady
35. spotlight highlight
36. spontaneous automatic
37. special exceptional
38. soiled dirty
39. skull cranium
40. sincere honest
41. silly foolish
42. significant meaningful
43. signal sign
44. self-assured confident
45. selection choice
46. second moment
47. scrumptious delicious
48. scarcity shortage
49. satisfied convinced
50. sacristy vestry

commonly used synonyms

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