Root Words: Root Word Examples

Root Word Examples

In English grammar, a root word is the basic lexical unit of a word that carries its core meaning. It is the foundation upon which other words are built by adding prefixes and suffixes. Root words are also known as base words or stem words.

For example, the root word “love” can form other words such as “lovable”, “lovely”, “lover”, “lovingly”, etc. Similarly, the root word “play” can form “playful”, “player”, “playing”, “playground”, and so on.

Understanding root words can help improve vocabulary and comprehension skills as it allows one to recognize the meaning of unfamiliar words by breaking them down into their component parts.

How many word roots are there in English?

There is no definitive answer to the exact number of word roots in English as the language has borrowed extensively from other languages over time, resulting in a vast and constantly evolving vocabulary. However, some estimates suggest that there are thousands of word roots in English.

English has a diverse range of root words, including those of Latin, Greek, Germanic, French, and many other origins. These roots provide the basis for the construction of many English words, allowing speakers to easily understand new words and form new words themselves.

It’s worth noting that many English words have multiple roots, and some words have roots from more than one language. Additionally, some words have been created in English by combining two or more existing words, rather than by using a root word.

Root Word Examples

Here is a root word list in English:

Aqua: aquarium, aquatic, aquamarine, aqueduct, aquaplane

Aud: audio, auditorium, audible, audition, inaudible

Auto: automobile, autonomy, automatic, autograph, autocracy

Bene: benefit, benevolent, benefactor, benign, benediction

Biblio: bibliography, bibliophile, bibliotherapy, bibulous, bibliopole

Bio: biography, biosynthesis, biochemistry, biofeedback, biotech

Cap: capture, capacity, capsule, capitalize, decapitate

Cardi: cardiac, cardiology, cardiogram, cardiopulmonary, cardiomegaly

Cede: concede, recede, intercede, secede, antecedent

Cogn: recognize, cognitive, incognito, agnostic, cognizance

Corp: corporation, corpse, corporal, corpulent, corporatism

Crypto: cryptic, cryptography, cryptogram, encrypt, cryptologist

Demi: demigod, demitasse, demimonde, demirelief, demitint

Derm: dermatology, dermal, epidermis, hypodermic, taxidermy

Dict: dictate, dictator, diction, predict, verdict

Duct: conduct, ductile, ductwork, abduct, induct

Dyna: dynamic, dynamite, dynasty, hydrodynamic, thermodynamic

Equi: equal, equitable, equinox, equilateral, equidistant

Extra: extraordinary, extraterrestrial, extravagant, extraneous, extracurricular

Fer: transfer, infer, fertile, defer, aquifer

Fid: confident, fidelity, infidel, confidential, affidavit

Flu: fluid, fluctuate, influence, influenza, fluent

Fort: fortress, fortify, fortunate, fortitude, comfort

Fract: fracture, fraction, refract, infraction, fractal

Gen: generation, genetics, generate, genealogy, carcinogen

Geo: geology, geography, geocentric, geothermal, geopolitics

Graph: graphic, autograph, graphite, photography, lithograph

Hydro: hydrology, hydroplane, hydrophobia, dehydrate, hydrometer

Hyper: hyperactive, hyperbole, hypertension, hypercritical, hyperrealism

Hypo: hypodermic, hypoglycemia, hypothesis, hypothermia, hypotension

Intra: intramural, intravenous, intrapersonal, intrastate, intrauterine

Jur: justice, juror, jurisdiction, jury, injure

Loc: location, relocate, local, dislocate, locomotion

Log: logic, logarithm, dialogue, apology, analog

Luc: lucid, translucent, elucidate, lucubrate, pellucid

Macro: macroeconomics, macrocosm, macrophage, macronutrient, macroevolution

Mal: malevolent, malfunction, malnutrition, malcontent, maladjusted

Medi: medium, mediate, meditation, medieval, intermediary

Mega: megaphone, megalopolis, megabyte, megalomania, megafauna

Micro: microscope, microbe, microcosm, microeconomics, microchip

Naut: Nautical, astronaut, astronautics

Neo: Neoclassical, neologism, neonatal

Neuro: Neurology, neuroscience, neuropsychology

Oct: Octagon, octopus, octave

Omni: Omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent

Opt: Optimal, optician, optimize

Pac: Pacify, pacifist, pacifier

Pan: Panorama, pandemic, panacea

Path: Pathology, empathy, psychopath

Ped: Pedal, pedestrian, pediatrics

Phil: Philosophy, philanthropy, bibliophile

Phon: Phone, phonics, microphone

Photo: Photography, photogenic, photosynthesis

Pod: Podiatry, tripod, pseudopod

Poly: Polygon, polygamy, polymer

Quad: Quadrant, quadruple, quadrennial

Retro: Retroactive, retrograde, retrospective

Rhin: Rhinoceros, rhinoplasty, rhinestone

Scope: Telescope, microscope, periscope

Sect: Section, sectarian, bisect

Semi: Semifinal, semicolon, semiconscious

Sol: Solitude, solo, solar

Spec: Spectacle, specter, spectator

Super: Superman, superpower, supervises

Syn/Sym: Synchronize, synthesis, sympathy

Tele: Television, telegraph, telepathy

Terra: Terrestrial, terrain, extraterrestrial

Trans: Transportation, transfer, transcontinental

Ultra: Ultraviolet, ultrasonic, ultraconservative

Uni: Universe, unify, unicorn

Ver: Verify, veracity, veritable

Vice: Vice-president, viceroy, vice-chancellor

Vid/Vis: Video, visible, vision

Water: Waterproof, watercolor, waterlogged

Xeno: Xenophobia, xenophile, xenon

Y/yr: Yearly, anniversary, centenary

Zen: Zenith, zenon, zenana

Zo: Zoology, zoo, protozoan

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