Phrasal Verbs List with Meaning

Phrasal Verbs List with Meaning

Phrasal Verbs List with Meaning!

Here are some common phrasal verbs along with their meanings:

  • Act out: to demonstrate a behavior, often an inappropriate or childish one.
  • Add up: to make sense or seem reasonable.
  • Ask around: to ask several people for information or help.
  • Back up: to support or defend something or someone.
  • Blow up: to explode or become very angry.
  • Break down: to stop functioning or collapse emotionally.
  • Bring up: to mention or introduce a topic in conversation.
  • Call off: to cancel or postpone an event or arrangement.
  • Carry on: to continue or proceed with an activity.
  • Catch up: to reach the same level or pace as someone or something.
  • Check in: to register or report one’s presence.
  • Check out: to leave or pay the bill and depart.
  • Cheer up: to become more cheerful or make someone else feel more cheerful.
  • Clean up: to tidy or clean a place or situation.
  • Come across: to encounter or find something by chance.
  • Come along: to accompany someone or make progress.
  • Come out: to become publicly known or visible.
  • Count on: to rely or depend on something or someone.
  • Cut off: to disconnect or stop something abruptly.
  • Deal with: to handle or manage a situation or problem.
  • Do without: to manage or survive without something.
  • Dress up: to wear formal or special clothing for an occasion.
  • Drop off: to fall asleep or deliver something or someone.
  • End up: to arrive at or be in a particular situation or place, often unexpectedly.
  • Face up to: to confront or accept a difficult situation or problem.
  • Fall apart: to break down or collapse completely.
  • Fall back on: to rely on something or someone as a backup plan.
  • Figure out: to understand or solve a problem or situation.
  • Fill in: to provide missing information or complete a form or document.
  • Find out: to discover or learn something.
  • Get along: to have a friendly or amicable relationship with someone.
  • Get away: to escape or take a break from a situation.
  • Get by: to manage or survive with limited resources or money.
  • Get over: to recover from a difficult experience or emotion.
  • Give up: to stop trying or surrender.
  • Go on: to continue or happen.
  • Go over: to review or examine carefully.
  • Grow up: to mature or become an adult.
  • Hang out: to spend time with someone casually.
  • Hold on: to wait or pause.
  • Keep on: to continue doing something repeatedly.
  • Keep up with: to match the pace or progress of someone or something.
  • Knock off: to stop working or finish something quickly.
  • Look after: to take care of someone or something.
  • Look up: to search for information in a book or on the internet.
  • Make up: to reconcile or invent a story or excuse.
  • Move in: to start living in a new place.
  • Move out: to leave a place or residence.
  • Pass away: to die or expire.
  • Pay back: to return money or a favor owed to someone.
  • Pick up: to collect or acquire something, often informally.
  • Point out: to highlight or draw attention to something.
  • Put off: to postpone or delay something.
  • Put on: to wear or apply something, or to organize an event or performance.
  • Put up with: to tolerate or endure something unpleasant or difficult.
  • Ring up: to make a phone call or process a

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Phrasal Verbs with Meaning | Images

Phrasal Verbs with Meaning

Phrasal Verbs List with Meaning

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