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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on color names! In this blog post, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of color shades and provide you with an extensive list of color names. Whether you’re an artist seeking inspiration, a designer choosing the perfect palette, or simply curious about the vast array of hues that exist, we’ve got you covered. From soothing blues to vibrant yellows and everything in between, get ready to explore the diverse spectrum of color names and discover the endless possibilities they hold.

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All Color Shades

Pink Color Shades Names

Ruby pink, Hot pink, French rose, Cerise pink, Punch pink, Rose pink, Lemonade pink, Magenta pink, Thulian pink, Fuchsla pink, Brick pink, Ultra pink, Amaranth pink, Bubble gum pink, Flamingo pink, Carnation pink, Taffy pink, Creamy pink, Lavender pink.

Pink color shades

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Violet Color Shades Names

Mulberry violet, Hibiscus violet, Plum violet, Grape violet, Amethyst violet, Eggplant violet, Orchid violet, Lollipop violet, Lavender violet, Fandango violet, African violet, Helio violet, Mauve violet, Floral violet, Orchid violet, Royal violet, Byzantine violet, Thistle violet, Electric violet, Lilac violet.

Violet color shades

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Gray Color Shades Names

Fossil Gray, Shadow gray, Steel gray, Stone gray, Ash gray, Harbor gray, Anchor gray, Abalone gray, Pearl gray, Pewter gray, Rhino gray, Mink gray, Trout gray, Lava gray, Charcoal gray, Iron gray, Seal gray, Thunder gray, Smoke gray.

Blue color shades

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Green Color Shades Names

Forest green, Emerald green, Jungle green, laurel green, Kelly green, Hunter green, Sacramento green, Lime green, Olive green, Fern green, Mint green, Sage green, Pine green, Army green, Sea green, Moss green, Tea green, Artichoke green,  Jade green.

green color shades

Orange Color Shade Names

Gold orange, Clay orange, Tiger orange, Honey orange, Rust orange, Ochre orange, Amber orange, Fire orange, Pumpkin orange, Tangerine orange, Amber orange, Goldenrod orange, Apricot orange, Cider orange, Spice orange, Carrot orange, Bronze orange, Dijon orange, Burnt orange.

Orange color shades

Red Color Shades Names

Salmon red, Burgundy red, Redwood red, Raspberry red, Crimson red, Indian red, Sangria red, Imperial red, Barn red, Maroon red, Ferrari red, Scarlet red, Persian red, Carmine red, Mahogany red, Candy apple red, Usa flg red, Fire brick red, Chili red.

RED color shades

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Yellow Color Shades Names

Mellow yellow, Bumblebee yellow, Eggnog yellow, Royal yellow, Trombone yellow, Tuscany yellow, Mustard yellow, Laguna yellow, Peach yellow, Flaxen yellow, Ecru yellow, Cream yellow, Sepia yellow, Cyber yellow, Flax yellow, Banana yellow, Pineapple yellow, Lemon yellow, Corn yellow.

Yellow color shades

Blue Color Shades Names

Yale blue, Egyptian blue, Carolina blue, Turkish blue, Denim blue, Air force blue, Prussian blue, Independence blue, Sky blue, Steel blue, Cornflower blue, Pigeon blue, Olympic blue, Azure blue, Space blue, Maybe blue, Sapphire blue, Navy blue, Baby blue.

Blue color shades

Brown Color Shades Names

Cedar brown, Peanut brown, Gingerbread brown, Caramel brown, Tawny brown, Umber brown, Coffee brown, Mocha brown, Brunette brown, Syrup brown, Pecan brown, Cinnamon brown, Wood brown, Espresso brown, Russet brown, Walnut brown, Hickory brown, Chocolate brown, Tortilla brown.

Brown color shades

List Of 50+ Common Color Names

  1. White
  2. Crimson
  3. Gold
  4. Fuchsia
  5. Red
  6. Aqua
  7. Cherry Red
  8. Azure
  9. Coral
  10. Orange
  11. Peach
  12. Ruby
  13. Rust
  14. Tangerine
  15. Indigo
  16. Arctic Blue
  17. Pista Green
  18. Clay
  19. Grape Vine
  20. Rosewood
  21. Blue
  22. Silver
  23. Olive
  24. Umber
  25. Jet Black
  26. Mocha
  27. Teal
  28. Saffron
  29. Coffee Brown
  30. Emerald
  31. Magenta
  32. Lime Green
  33. Violet
  34. Grey
  35. Salmon
  36. Green
  37. Mint
  38. Beige
  39. Amber
  40. Lavender
  41. Lemon Yellow
  42. Tan
  43. Lilac
  44. Sky Blue
  45. Sea Green
  46. Dark Green
  47. Pearl
  48. Turquoise
  49. Pink
  50. Burgundy
  51. Charcoal
  52. Bronze
  53. Mauve
  54. Cream
  55. Sapphire
  56. Cyan
  57. Ivory
  58. Maroon
  59. Mustard
  60. Gray
  61. Black
  62. Purple
  63. Brunette
  64. Brown
  65. Yellow
  66. Garnet
  67. Ash
  68. Navy Blue

Warm Colors vs. Cool Colors

Warm colors are typically associated with emotions and sensations related to heat and sunlight. They can create a sense of warmth and coziness in visual compositions.

Cool Colors:

  • Blue: Blue is a quintessential cool color that often represents calmness, serenity, and tranquility. It is also associated with stability and trust.
  • Green: Green is a cool color that is linked to nature, growth, and harmony. It can evoke feelings of freshness, balance, and relaxation.
  • Purple: Purple can be either warm or cool depending on its undertones. Cool purples are associated with luxury, spirituality, and mystery.
  • Cool shades of pink: Pink shades with cooler undertones, such as those with a hint of blue, can also be considered cool and may convey feelings of sweetness and calmness.

Cool colors tend to evoke sensations of coldness or calmness, often associated with water, sky, and nature.

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