50 Idioms Used in Daily Life with Meanings

idioms used in daily life

Idioms have been used for centuries to convey a deeper, more meaningful message than just that of the words themselves. They are used in everyday conversations and carry with them an air of familiarity, often making them easier to remember. The use of idioms can add depth to communication and help to better express thoughts and emotions. This blog post is dedicated to explaining the various idioms used in daily life with meanings.

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Idioms Used in Daily Life with Meanings

Idioms used in Daily life with Meaning

1.    In addition to as well as  Lina writes books in addition to teaching.
3.    In black and white written  John makes every agreement in black and white.
4.    In camera privately  The trial was held on camera because the accused was only 14 years old.
7.    In cold blood in a cruel way  He killed the child in cold blood.
8.    In consequence of as a result of something  In consequence of his carelessness, his business failed.
11.  In due course in a reasonable duration of time  You will get a promotion in due course. Just keep working hard.
12.  In favor of approve  John talked in favor of my plan.
15.  In full swing be at the highest level  The party was in full swing when the police came.
16.  In keeping with according to  I would help her in keeping with my promise.
19.  In one’s cups drunk  He could understand nothing as he was in his cups.
20.  In short in a few words  Things cannot be worse. In short, we are ruined.

Idioms Used in Daily Conversation

21.  In so far as to the extent that  In so far as I know, James is not a good driver.
22.  In spite of notwithstanding as  In spite of her opposition, he helped me.
23.  In store about to happen in the future  She has a surprise in store for you.
24.  In that used for introducing an explanation  The new teacher is popular in that his method of teaching is easy.
25.  In the air happening or about to happen  Near election, there is great unrest in the air.
26.  In the air in circulation  Change in the government is in the air.
27.  In the alert ready to deal with a situation or problem  The army was ordered to remain on the alert.
28.  In the doldrums condition of inactivity be  After years in the doldrums, the market is finally picking up.
29.  In the long run/term not immediately but at some time in the future  Continue your struggle, in the long run, you will succeed.
30.  In the nick of time just in time to prevent something bad from happening  She was drowning but the swimmer saved her in the nick of time.
31.  In the teeth of despite something such as problems or difficulties  The bill was passed in the teeth of strong opposition.
32.  Ins and outs all the details or facts  Rima knows all the ins and out of this business.
33.  It is high time it is past the time when something should have happened  Thank you for a lovely meal, but it is high time for us to start heading home.
34.  It was just a joke  Why are you carrying it too far?
35.  Keep an eye on to look after someone or something  Please keep an eye on the things here until I come back.
36.  Keep body and soul together to survive  It has become difficult for the poor to keep the body and soul together.
37.  Keep one’s head above water to remain out of debt  The poor cannot keep their head above water.
38.  Keep one’s temper not to show anger  He could not keep his temper when Jack abused him.
39.  Keep open house be ready to entertain anyone who comes  He keeps open house for his guests.
40.  Keep pace with to move as fast as someone or something else  Incomes have failed to keep pace with the ever increasing dearness.

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41.  Keep something dark to keep something secret  They kept their marriage dark.
42.  Keep the wolf from the door to keep away hunger  Though his income is little, it will keep the wolf from the door.
43.  Keep up the appearance to continue wearing good clothes in spite of poverty  Though he earns a little, he wears costly clothes to keep up his appearance.
44.  Keep/set/start the ball rolling to keep something going  India and Pakistan should keep the ball rolling about Kashmir.
45.  Kick the bucket to die  The sons are waiting for the old man to kick the bucket
46.  Kill two birds with one stone to achieve two aim with a single effort  She killed two birds with one stone by shopping and visiting the fair.
47.  Kith and kin relatives and friends  We should love our kith and kins.
48.  Lame excuse false excuse  You cannot win her favor by lame excuses.
49.  Laugh up your sleeve to be secretly amused  He laughed up his sleeve at the false affection of his step-mother.
50.  Laughing stock one who is laughed at  This fat man is a laughing stock of the village.

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Infographics (Idioms Used in Daily Life with Meanings)

Idioms Used in Daily Life with Meanings Idioms Used in Daily Life with Meanings Idioms Used in Daily Life with Meanings Idioms Used in Daily Life with Meanings

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