100+ List of Antonyms Words in English

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100+ List of Antonyms Words in English Pdf! Do you ever feel like English is just too complicated? With all of the rules and exceptions, it can be tough to keep everything straight. But don’t worry, today we’re going to take a break from all that and have some fun! We’re going to look at a list of antonyms words in English. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. For example, the word ‘big’ has an antonym of ‘small’, and the word ‘up’ has an antonym of ‘down’. Ready to check them out? Let’s go!

List of Antonyms Words in English

Words Antonyms
Moderate   Extreme
Cold   Hot
Poor   Rich
High   Low
Village   Town
Death   Birth
Present   Past
Disease   Health
Old   Modern
Accidental   Intentional
Reply   Ask
Down   Up
Artificial   Natural
Mess   Order
Ask   Answer
Man   Woman
Centre   Outskirts
Poverty   Wealth
Black   White
Apart   Together
Go   Come
Polite   Rude
Active   Lazy
Morning   Evening
Arrival   Departure
Interesting   Boring
Melt   Freeze
Not Yet   Already
Spring   Autumn
Even   Odd
Permit   Forbid
Private   Public
Constant   Changeable
Niece   Nephew
Everything   Nothing
Careless   Careful
Fat   Slim
Body   Soul
Children   Parents
Midnight   Noon
Interrupt   Continue
Natural   Artificial
Correct   Wrong
Love   Hate
Laugh   Cry
Cold   Heat
Bad Luck   Good Luck
Raise   Lower
Shelter   Exposure
All   None
Arrive   Depart
Low   High
Succeed   Fail
Solid   Liquid
Part   Whole
Late   Early
Order   Mess
Descent   Ascent
Admit   Deny
Daughter   Son
Rough   Gentle
Right   Left
Flat   Hilly
Sell   Buy
Voluntary   Compulsory
Some   Many
Fix   Break
Boring   Exciting
Notice   Ignore
Ancestor   Descendant
Dark   Light
Delicious   Awful
Outside   Inside


·        Attic   Cellar
·        Receive   Send
·        Failure   Success
·        Silly   Intelligent
·        Hopeful   Desperate
·        Student   Teacher
·        Cry   Whisper
·        Special   General
·        Deny   Admit
·        Enjoy   Hate
·        Noisy   Quiet
·        Powerful   Weak
·        Wealthy   Poor
·        Immigration   Emigration
·        Master   Servant
·        Minimum   Maximum
·        Negative   Affirmative
·        Well- Ill
·        Emigration   Immigration
·        Divorce   Marriage
·        Brother   Sister
·        Many   Few
·        Human   Animal
·        Best    Worst
·        Courageous   Cowardly
·        Frequently   Occasionally
·        Early   Late
·        Defence   Attack
·        Friend   Enemy
·        North   South
·        Unite   Divide
·        Day   Night
·        Destroy   Build
·        Parents   Children
·        Before   After
·        Always   Never
·        Lose   Win
·        Sour   Sweet
·        Closed   Open
·        Forward   Backward
·        Above   Below
·        Stupid   Clever

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A to Z Antonyms Words List

Here is a list of antonyms words:

Attack ——- Defend

Arrival ——- Departure

Arrest ——- Free

Argue ——- Agree

Already ——- Not yet

Allow ——- Forbid

Above ——- Below

About ——- Exactly

Buy ——- Sell

Busy ——- Lazy

Bore ——- Amuse

Body ——- Soul

Batch ——- Miss

Compliment ——- Insult

Defense ——- Attack

Defeat ——- Victory

Deep ——- Shallow

Death ——- Birth

Dead ——- Alive

Day ——- Night

Empty ——- Full

Forbid ——- Allow

For ——- Against

Follow ——- Lead

Floor ——- Ceiling

Fix ——- Break flat ——- Hilly

Go ——- Come

Give ——- Take

Girl ——- Boy

Husband ——- Wife

Hungry ——- Thirsty

Humid ——- Dry

Harvest ——- Plant

In front of ——- Back

Ill ——- Healthy

Ignore ——- Notice

Loud ——- Quiet

Loser ——- Winner

Lose ——- Win

Moon ——- Sun

Moderate ——- Extreme

Miss ——- Hit

Miss ——- Catch

Nephew ——- Niece

Negative ——- Affirmative

Near ——- Distant

Never ——- Always

Odd ——- Even

Occupied ——- Vacant

Winter ——- Summer

Wide ——- Narrow

Whole ——- Part

Victory ——- Defeat

Vertical ——- Horizontal

Valley ——- Mountain

Vacant ——- Occupied

Useless ——- Useful

Thick ——- Thin

There ——- Here

Slim ——- Fat

Save ——- Spend

Satisfy ——- Annoy

Young ——- Old

Yes ——- No

Work ——- Rest

Woman ——- Man

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