Layed or Laid – Which Form Is Correct?

Layed or Laid

When we write, it’s important to choose the right words to share our thoughts. Today, we’ll look at two words that often confuse many people: “layed” and “laid.” The correct word between these two is “laid.” Let’s dive into why that is and how you can use it correctly.

What is the Correct Word?

The correct word to use is “laid.” The word “layed” is actually not a word used in standard English, so when you’re writing or speaking, it’s best to choose “laid.”

What does “Laid” mean?

“Laid” is the past tense and past participle of “lay.” You use “laid” when you are talking about an action that happened in the past. Remember, “laid” also needs an object.

For example:

  • “She laid the baby in the crib gently.”
  • “We laid the foundation for the new building last week.”

What About Layed?

Now, you might be wondering about “layed.” The truth is, “layed” is not a word used in standard English. It’s a common mistake, but it’s not correct. So, when you want to talk about placing something down in the past, “laid” is the right word to use.

Examples to Help You Understand

To make it clearer, let’s look at some sentences using “laid“:

  • Correct Use: “She laid the blanket on the bed.” (This means she put the blanket on the bed in the past.)
  • Incorrect Use: “She layed the blanket on the bed.” (Remember, “layed” is not the right choice.)

Tips to Remember

  • Lay needs an object: Always remember, “lay” needs an object. You lay something somewhere.
  • “Layed” is not correct: If you’re tempted to write “layed,” remember it’s not a word. Use “laid” for past actions.
  • Laid is the past tense of lay: When you talk about placing something in the past, use “laid.”
  • Don’t mix up lay and lie: If there’s no object and it’s about reclining, use “lie.”

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