50+ Idioms to use in conversation – Conversational Idioms

Idioms to use in conversation!

Here is a list of 50+ idioms that are the most common part of a pro-English speaker conversation, so gird up your loins and start burning mid night oil to grip these useful idioms and idiomatic phrases.

Idioms to use in conversation

1.    once in a blue moon very rarely  People like newton are born once in a blue moon.
2.    A brainwave a sudden good idea  I had a brainwave and found a solution to the problem I was facing.
3.    A close shave/call a situation in which you only just manage to avoid an accident  He had a close shave when a tree fell just where he was standing.
4.    A close-fisted man a miserly man  He does not spend any money as he is a close-fisted man.
5.    A cock and bull story a silly story or excuse  He told me a rock and bull story about her failure in the exams.
6.    A dead letter a law or idea which is no longer effective  An arts education is a dead letter for many students.
7.    A dog in the manger selfish  He is a real dog in the manger, even though he does not have a car, he would not let anyone else use his garage.
8.    A dog’s life disgraceful life  Death is better than a dog’s life.
9.    A fairy tale a story for children  She looks like a princess in a fairy tale.
10.  A feather in one’s cap an achievement that makes you feel pleased and satisfied  This success is a feather in your cap.
11.  A fish out of water feeling uncomfortable  I felt like a fish out of water in a new school.
12.  A Gala Day A celebration day  Christmas is a gala day for the Christians.
13.  A gaolbird someone who has spent a lot of time in prison  He is an escaped gaolbird.
14.  A green room a room where actors relax  There no green room in this studio.
15.  A hard/bitter pill to swallow something very unpleasant that you have to accept  His failure was a bitter pill to swallow.
16.  A house of cards something that is likely to fall down  cheat me will prove a house of cards.
17.  A Jack of all trades someone who can do many types of work, but who often is not often skilled at any of them  John is a Jack of all trades but master of none.
18.  A jailbird a prisoner A Jailbird escaped last night.
19.  A leap/shot in the dark to do something without knowing its results  To start such a big business without experience is like taking a leap in the dark.
20.  A man of his word someone who keeps his promises  You can trust him as he is a man of his word.

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21.  A man of iron will strong will person  A man of iron will tackle the present crisis of India.
22.  A man of letters a learned man  Our teacher is a man of letters.
23.  A man of parts a man who can do many things  Abraham is a man of parts-an an able teacher, a terrific writer, a sincere friend, to name a few.
24.  A man of straw a mere puppet, an unimportant man  In our society, no one respects a man of straw.
25.  A man/woman after one’s own heart a man with similar taste to mine  I like books, so does Jolly
26.  A mare’s nest a discovery of no value  Later the cure for ALDS proved to be a mare’s nest.
27.  A narrow escape just to be safe from danger  Jacky fell into the river but had a narrow escape from being drowned.
28.  A near miss a situation in which an accident is barely avoided  He applied brakes just in time and had a near miss.
29.  A necessary evil something bad that you have to accept to get what you want  War is a necessary evil.
30.  A passing fancy one that does not last long  His desire to become just a passing fancy.
31.  A rolling stone the person who keeps changing his views  A rolling stone gathers no moss.
32.  A rope of sand illusory or deceptive security  The American defense system, when came under attack, proved to be a rope of sand.
33.  A Sight for sore eyes a pleasant and refreshing sight / a most welcome sight  She is a sight for sore eyes.
34.  A Snake in the grass a person who cannot be trusted  Do not trust him, he is a real snake in the grass.
35.  A split second an extremely short period of time  In a split second, he solved the riddle.
36.  A square meal  good satisfying meal  Children should have three square meals a day.
37.  A square peg in a round hole someone or something that does not suit the position or Situation they are in  A coward who joins the army is like a square peg in a round hole.
38.  A stroke of luck something lucky that happens to you by chance  It was a stroke of luck that no one was killed in such a major accident.
39.  A white elephant something costly to maintain  Telephone costs much, it is Just a white elephant for the common people.
40.  A White lie a harmless or small lie  Sometimes it is better to tell a white lie than to hurt someone’s feelings.

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idioms to use in conversation

41.  A wild goose chase an attempt to find something impossible  Your attempt to pass the examination without hard work would be a wild goose chase.
42.  A wolf in sheep’s clothing a person who seems to be friendly or harmless but is really an enemy  You should not rely on this man as he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
43.  Again every day/week/ year for a long time  Day after day it rained.
44.  An open book something clear  He is a good man as his life is an open book.
45.  An order to with the purpose of  She worked hard in order to pass the exams.
46.  An order to with the purpose of  She worked hard in order to pass the exams.
47.  An uphill task a very difficult task  To write a good book in two months is really an uphill task.
48.  As a matter of fact actually  He will not help you, as a matter of fact, he is a selfish man.
49.  As cool as a cucumber very calm  Despite the mishap, all remained as cool as a cucumber
50.  At a loss to be confused  Jack is at a loss to decide whether he should marry or not.

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Idioms to use in conversation

Idioms to use in conversation

conversational idioms

conversational idioms

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