How to Use Hence in the Middle of a Sentence

hence in the middle of a sentence

The word “hence” is a special kind of word that we use to show that something is the result of something else. It’s like saying “Because of this, this other thing happens.” In this article, we’re going to learn how to use “hence” in the middle of a sentence.

What Does “Hence” Mean?

Before we learn how to use “hence,” let’s understand what it means. “Hence” is a word that connects two parts of a sentence. It shows that the second part of the sentence happens because of the first part. It’s like saying “therefore” or “as a result.”

Hence in the Middle of a Sentence

  • The evidence was conclusive, hence the swift verdict.
  • She’s fluent in five languages, hence her role as a translator.
  • The machine is outdated, hence its inefficiency.
  • The roads are treacherous due to the snow, hence the delay in delivery.
  • The storm caused severe damage, hence the state of emergency.
  • The instructions were ambiguous, hence the errors in assembly.
  • The artifact is extremely fragile, hence the protective casing.
  • The company is expanding, hence the recruitment of more staff.
  • The data was corrupt, hence the discrepancies in the report.
  • He’s an expert in his field, hence his opinion is highly valued.
  • The demand for the product is high, hence the increase in production.
  • The deadline is tomorrow, hence the team’s late night at the office.
  • The book is out of print, hence its high value among collectors.
  • She’s a gifted musician, hence her numerous awards.
  • The restaurant is highly rated, hence the need for reservations.
  • There was a power outage, hence the disruption in service.
  • The treaty was broken, hence the resurgence of hostilities.
  • The bridge is unsafe, hence its closure for repairs.
  • The product was defective, hence the recall.
  • The play was a huge success, hence the extended run.
  • He has years of experience, hence his ease in handling complex cases.
  • The area is known for wildlife, hence the frequent sighting of rare species.
  • The actor was ill, hence his absence from the performance.
  • The witness’s testimony was inconsistent, hence the jury’s skepticism.
  • The law is clear, hence the penalty for non-compliance.
  • They were short of funds, hence the decision to postpone the project.
  • His explanation was unclear, hence the confusion among the audience.
  • He broke the rules, hence his disqualification from the competition.
  • The experiment proved his theory wrong, hence the need for a new approach.
  • The study was thorough, hence the confidence in its findings.

In each sentence, “hence” introduces a logical conclusion or explains the reason for a preceding statement.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When using “hence” in the middle of a sentence, there are some mistakes you should avoid:

  • Don’t Use “Hence” for No Reason: Only use “hence” when there is a clear connection between two parts of a sentence.

Bad Example: “I like apples, hence the sky is blue.”

Good Example: “I was hungry, hence I ate an apple.”

  • Don’t Make the Sentence Too Long: Try to keep your sentence simple and not too long. This makes it easier to understand.
  • Don’t Forget the Comma: Always remember to put a comma before “hence.”

Bad Example: “It was hot hence we bought ice cream.”

Good Example: “It was hot, hence we bought ice cream.”

hence in the middle of a sentence

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