List of Dawn Vocabulary Words

Dawn Vocabulary words

Language is a constantly evolving entity, and one of the joys of being a language enthusiast is exploring the vast spectrum of words available to us. Whether you’re a writer aiming to enrich your prose or simply someone who enjoys learning new words, delving into the world of specialized vocabulary can be a fascinating journey. In this article, we’ll explore a collection of dawn vocabulary words that will not only enhance your language skills but also deepen your appreciation for the beauty of the early morning hours.

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Dawn News Vocabulary Words

Words Synonyms
Disarming  charming
Phlegmatic  calm
Onerous  burdensome
Litigious  seeking legal remedies
Sedate  calm
Censure  criticize
Disparaging  critical
Tenacious  holding firmly to idea or purpose
Insular  narrow minded
Deleterious  harmful
Deliberation  careful thought
Circumvent  avoid
Cumulative  building up
Peevishness  childish sullenness
Impudent  cheeky
Cognitions  mental knowledge
Opting  choosing
Scouring  cleaning thoroughly
Equitable  fair and equal
Lucid  clear
Belabor  over emphasizing
Undermine  weaken
Mandate  permission
Reprimanded  scolded
Boorishness  rudeness
Fidelity  faithfulness
Nemesis  fate
Solace  comfort
Credulity  belief on slight evidence
Mitigate  moderate
Derided  mocked
Arcane  esoteric
Elitist  favoring top group
Discrepancy  inconsistency
Scuttled  sunk
Knack  trick
Rousing  stirring
Ascertain  find out
Negate  wipeout
Debilitate  weaken
Resolute  firm of purpose
Validated  proved right
Phobic  fearful
Voluminous  large
Insurrectionist  rebel
Insipid  flavorless
Demagogue  mob leader
Innocuous  harmless
Lithe  flexible
Sanctity  holiness
Viscous  thick and sticky
Exotic  strange
Fawning  groveling
Pliant  flexible
Embodiment  living example of
Irresolute  lacking firmness of purpose
Amassed  accumulated
Cerebral  concerned with thinking
Unyielding  not giving up
Idiosyncratic  quirky
Supple  flexible
Insufferable  cannot be tolerated
Floridity  floweriness in language
Steadfastness  loyalty
Secluded  lonely
Adroit  skillful
Lackadaisical  lazy
Affability  friendliness
Plaudits  praise
Precursor  forerunner
Tactile  through the sense of touch
Vex  annoy
Erudition  learning
Reprehensible  very bad
Integrity  honor
Dalliance  non serious involvement
Astute  wise
Temperamental  volatile


Word Synonym
Animosity  hostility
Glacial  icy
Encompassed  included
Debunk  throw out old ideas
Empiric  found by experiment/practice
Gratuitous  free
Paucity  scarcity
Perquisites  perks
Vindication  proving right
Regressive  moving backwards
Disillusioned  freed from wrong ideas
Amiable  friendly
Circumstantial  accidental
Placid  peaceful
Pragmatism  practicality
Rudimentary  elementary
Frugal  economical
Husbandry  careful management of resources
Copious  in large amount
Modicum  tiny amount
Marred  spoiled
Manifesto  statement of values
Expeditious  speedy
Nondescript  having no special qualities
Meticulous  thorough
Tribulation  trouble
Indiscriminate  without thought
Docile  obedient
Esoteric  obscure
Volatile  evaporates easily
Stifling  suppressing
Prospectus  brochure
Dilatory  slow
Coalition  a union of two parts
Presumption  assuming too much
Squelch  suppress
Truculence  stubbornness
Formidable  inspiring awe
Exonerated  proved not guilty
Monotonous  dull
Hackneyed  commonplace
Invocation  prayer
Candid  truthful
Ameliorate  make better
Therapeutic  medicinal
Inscrutable  not easy to comprehend
Rambunctious  boisterous
Irreproachable  cannot be criticized
Contagious  passed on through touch
Peer  An equal
Exemplar  excellent example of
Deferment  putting off
Dubious  doubtful
Polarized  divided into two extremes
Debacle  disaster
Foundered  sank
Insightful  perceptive
Extirpation  destruction
Consecrate  dedicate
Opportunism  grabbing opportunities
Meager  small
Inane  silly

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Histrionic  melodramatic
Arboreal  living in trees
Ignominy  shame
Gestures  signals
Embittered  full of bitter feelings
Morbidity  concern with death and disease
Purportedly  apparently claiming
Subversive  intending to overthrow
Distension  swelling
Didactic  intending to preach or teach
Thwarted  prevented
Advocate  support
Wistful  sad
Bypass  avoid
Despoiled  plunder
Corollary  consequence
Eulogy  praise
Serene  peaceful
Grimy  dirty
intrigued  interested and curious
Jeopardize  put at risk
Imperious  in a commanding manner
Barrage  bombardment
Juxtaposition  placing two things next to each other
Elusive  difficult to pin down
Jaded  tired
Abstruse  Difficult to comprehend
Legitimate  to make legal
Sophistry  devious logic
Proponent  supporter
Exacerbate  make worse
Irony  something unexpected
Foster  support
Somber  gloomy
Entourage  group of followers
Ingenuous  naive
Corroborated  supported
Glutton  greedy
Inconspicuous  not easily seen
Belitters  people who criticize/disparage
Extol  praise
Infusion  influx
Radical  revolutionary
Rectitude  uprightness
Tangential  off the point
Intemperate  not moderate
Lamentable  regrettable
Denuded  stripped
Recrimination  blame me
Wrath  anger
Officious  interfering
Heterogeneity  variety
Depreciatory  devaluing
Conciliatory  bringing together
Quell  suppress
Amalgam  mixture
Transitory  short lived
Scrutinize  examine carefully
Preclude  prevent
Venality  corruption
Belied  contradicted
Compendious  containing a lot in a small space
Disingenuous  crafty
Fitful  intermittent
Aberration  deviation
Impetuosity  impulsiveness
Valor  bravery
Brevity  briefness
Predilection  liking for
Supplant  replace
Spurned  shunned
Vulnerable  open to attack
Envisioning  imagining
Penchant  tendency
Unequivocal  certain
Corpulence  very fatness
Libelous  open to prosecution for libel
Apathetic  lacking energy or interest
Sarcasm  sneering
Quixotic  idealistic
Tremulous  hesitant
Sporadic  intermittent
Facile  over simplified
Holistic  whole
Fastidious  very fussy
Vacillate  waver
Resilience  strength
Extrapolate  predict on the basis of existing data
Nihilism  belief in nothing
Embellished  adorned
Ratify  give approval to (official)
Epitome  essence
Versatility  ability to do many things
Faction  section
Capricious  whimsical
Egotistical  selfish
Finagle  wheedle
Temper  moderate
Palliative  sth that makes better but doesn`t cure


Word Synonym
Extant  still in existence
Penurious  miserly
Intuition  sixth sense
Aural  through the sense of hearing
Inconsequential  unimportant
Encroach  trespass
Indomitable  unshakeable
Multifarious  having many aspects
Archaic  old fashioned
Warped  twisted
Futile  useless
Consummate  supremely good
Flabbergast  shock
Magnanimous  generous minded
Affluence  wealth
Temporize  put off
Obsequious  slavish
Bountiful  generous
Articulation  joining
Petulant  touchy
Judicious  fair
Grating  harsh
Indigenous  native to a locality
Ornate  extremely decorated
Discernment  judgement
Demonstrative  expressing emotions freely
Pathos  sadness
Exasperation  frustration and annoyance
Unwitting  not deliberated
Treacly  too sweet
Furtive  secretive
Emancipators  those who set others free
Succulent  juicy
Infelicity  unsuitability
Arable  cab be cultivated
Ambiguous  vague
Fraudulent  crooked
Pilfer  steal
Anachronistic  out of normal time range
Benevolent  kindly
Indulgent  kindly
Seditious  causing division or rebellion
Intonation  tone of voice
Salvageable  can be saved
Mandatory  compulsory
Ceorce  compel
Condone  tolerate
Sycophant  toady
Slipshod  careless
Alleviate  make less serve
Affinity  kinship
Wary  cautious
Remiss  neglectful
Cacophony  noise
Momentous  of great importance
Lavish  to spend freely
Raze  known down, destroy
Stipulated  insisted
Augment  increase in size or number
Ineptitude  lack of ability
Ineffable  can’t be expressed in words
Lobby  to try to persuade
Wannow  sift
Eclectic  taking things from different sources
Flag  to lose energy
Rehash  revamp hurriedly
Incoherence  lack of clarity
Estrangement  separation
Sedulous  thorough
Autonomy  self  Government
Delineate  outline
Effacement  wiping out
Vigilant  wary
Cursory  superficial
Acumen  sharpness of mind
Solicitous  expressing care and concern
Finesse  skill
Dearth  shortage


Word Synonym
Insolvent  bankrupt
Prudent  wise
Vindictive  seeking revenge
Squander  waste
Soporific  sleep inducing 
Insolence  lack of respect
Connoisseur  expert with good taste
Naiveté  innocence
Notoriety  infamy
Irreverence  lack of respect
Endorsed  supported
Vicarious  experience indirectly
Rhetoric  persuasive language
Callous  cruel & unfeeling
Waning  declining
Devious  cunning
Curtail  cut short
Excise  cut out
Manipulative  deceptive
Rancor  bitterness and bad feeling
Substantiate  give supporting evidence
Hilarity  great laughter
Redolent  smelling of
Opacity  lack of transparency
Empathetic  exhibiting deep emotional understanding
Convivial  sociable
Punctilious  meticulous
Sermonize  give moral lecture
Convergence  coming together
Robust  strong and sturdy
Motley  varied
Miffed  annoyed
Retraction  removal
Reclusive  Avoid other people
Repertoire  range
Hubris  excessive pride
Autocrat  absolute ruler
Occlusion  shutting out
Nefarious  infamous
Exorbitant  excessive
Arbitration  mediating between disputing sides
Byzantine  excessive
Eradicate  wipeout
Indictment  charge
Propensity  tendency
Sustain  support
Congenial  friendly
Overhaul  renovate
Conflagration  great fire
Foil  frustrate
Myopic  short sighted
Opulence  lavish display of wealth
Languid  Lacking energy
Surfeit  excess
Derelict  rundown
Equanimity  peace of mind
Profundity  depth
Concord  agreement
Mercenary  seeking money above all else
Prosaic  ordinary
Adulation  worship
Agnostic  unsure of the existence of god
Alacrity  speed & eagerness
Altruism  Self  sacrifice
Intermittent  on & off
Reprieve  let off

Dawn Newspaper Vocabulary Word

Words                                          Synonyms

Ascertain                                      find out

Abrogate                                      cancel

Appease                                       pacify

Abstain                                         desist

Apathetic                                     indifferent

Adulation                                     strong admiration

Articulate                                     clear

Adulation                                     worship

Astute                                          wise

Ameliorate                                   make better

Asylum                                         place of refuge or safety

Archaic                                         ancient

Ambiguous                                   vague

Acquiesce                                     to agree to

Artisan                                         craftsman

Alleviate                                       make less serve

Ambiguity                                    uncertainty

Archetype                                    classic example of

Animosity                                    hatred

Altruism                                       self-sacrifice

Adamant                                      forceful

Affability                                     friendliness

Alacrity                                        speed & eagerness

Augment                                      increase in size or number

Arcane                                          esoteric

Archaic                                         old-fashioned

Articulation                                  joining

Antediluvian                                outdated

Antagonism                                  hostility

Amiable                                        friendly

Ameliorate                                   make better

Antiquated                                   outdated

Assiduous                                    thorough

Aloof                                            distant

Amelioration                                improvement

Assuage                                        to calm

Ambiguous                                   unclear in meaning

Affable                                         friendly

Abasement                                   humiliation

Amorphous                                  lacking in shape

Amass                                          accumulate

Apathy                                         lack of interest or emotion

Acumen                                        sharpness of mind

Analgesic                                     medicine to combat pain

Arbitration                                   mediating between disputing sides

Allay                                            to lessen

Adversity                                     hardship

Altruism                                       putting others first

Archives                                       collections of old records

Aberration                                    deviation

Ambivalence                                lack of clarity

Animosity                                    hostility

Advocate                                     support

Abstruse                                       difficult to understand

Apocryphal                                  of doubtful origin

Acuity                                          sharpness (mental or visual)

Astute                                          perceptive

Amassed                                      accumulated

Alleviate                                       make less severe

Anachronistic                               out of normal time range

Advocate                                     support

Belabor                                         over-emphasizing

Bureaucracy                                 officialdom

Bountiful                                      generous

Belied                                           contradicted

Benevolent                                   kindly

Brevity                                         briefness

Bigot                                            narrow-minded, prejudiced person

Billowing                                     swelling

Bypass                                          avoid

Broach                                          start to discuss

Boorishness                                  rudeness

Blighted                                       damaged

Buttress                                        strengthen

Bombast                                       arrogant, pompous language

Brawny                                        muscular

Belittlers                                       People who criticize/disparage

Barrage                                         bombardment

Brusque                                        blunt

Byzantine                                     excessive

Choleric                                        easily angered

Cartographer                                person who makes maps

Credible                                       believable

Coddle                                         pamper

Cognitions                                    mental knowledge

Clamor                                         shout

Circumvent                                  avoid

Cogent                                         lucid

Conciliatory                                 bringing together

Censure                                        blame

Convivial                                      sociable

Conflagration                               great fire

Concord                                       agreement

Circumspect                                 cautious

Consecrate                                   dedicate

Cacophony                                   noise

Cajole                                           coax

Charlatan                                      trickster who claims knowledge he doesn’t have

Corollary                                      consequence

Callous                                         cruel & unfeeling

Credulous                                     gullible

Censure                                        criticize

Circumscribe                                limit

Convergence                                coming together

Counterfeit                                   fake

Clandestine                                  secret

Circumstantial                              accidental

Clemency                                     mercy

Circuitous                                     indirect

Capricious                                    whimsical

Cringe                                          recoil

Cumulative                                   building up

Creditable                                    praiseworthy

Curtail                                          cut short

Corpulence                                   very fat-ness

Candor                                         frankness

Carping                                        constant criticism

Cryptic                                         puzzling

Credulity                                      belief on slight evidence

Contagious                                   passed on through touch

Chary                                           watchful

Collate                                          arrange in order

Circumvent                                  avoid

Cogitate                                       think over something

Censorious                                   disapproving

Cursory                                        superficial

Corroborated                                supported

Collusion                                      plotting and planning

Coalesce                                       come together

Congenial                                     friendly

Certitude                                      certainty

Coalition                                      a union of two parts

Cliche                                           overused expression

Connoisseur                                 expert with good taste/ judgement

Didactic                                       intending to preach or teach

Derelict                                        rundown

Debacle                                        disaster

Disseminating                              circulating

Demur                                          hesitate

Disparaging                                  critical

Docile                                           obedient

Disdain                                         contempt

Disparage                                     criticize

Destitution                                   hardship

Deteriorate                                   worsen

Disillusioned                                freed from wrong ideas

Dilatory                                        slow

Deplore                                        regret

Debilitate                                     weaken

Deliberation                                 careful thought

Devious                                        cunning

Deride                                          ridicule

Disinterested                                unbiased

Deplete                                         use up

Deference                                     respect

Desecrate                                     to damage or pollute a holy place

Dotard                                          foolish old man

Demagogue                                  mob leader

Deferment                                    putting off

Deliberate                                     to think over deeply

Degradation                                 deprivation

Dolt                                              stupid person

Defunct                                        no longer in existence

Deter                                            put off

Discordancy                                 cacophony

Discernment                                 judgement

Diffident                                      lacking confidence

Desist                                           stop

Deprecate                                     criticize

Discord                                        disagreement

Despondent                                  having no hope

Diligent                                        hard-working

Delineate                                      outline

Disarming                                     charming

Discrepancy                                 something which does not match up

Denounce                                     condemn

Dubious                                        doubtful

Discrepancy                                 inconsistency

Dalliance                                      non-serious involvement

Delineation                                   demarcation

Discriminate                                 to make a clear distinction

Dispassionate                               neutral

Dilemma                                       puzzling situation

Devoured                                     greedily eaten/consumed

Deleterious                                   harmful

Demonstrative                              expressing emotions freely

Disingenuous                               crafy

Disapprobation                             disapproval

Depravity                                     moral corruption

Debunking                                   exposing false claims or myths

Dilatory                                        slow

Docile                                           gentle and easily lead

Discern                                         to distinguish one thing from another

Dogmatic                                     having stubbornly held opinions

Depreciatory                                devaluing

Enfranchise                                  give voting rights

Elusive                                         difficult to pin down

Encompassed                               included

Enigma                                         puzzle

Embellished                                 adorned

Exculpate                                     free someone from blame

Erudition                                      learning

Exceptionable                              very bad (something which we should object to)

Egotistical                                    selfish

Eradicate                                      wipe out

Extrinsic                                       irrelevant

Exemplar                                      excellent example of

Exacerbate                                   make worse

Excise                                           cut out

Execrable                                     very, very bad

Exacerbate                                   make worse

Embodiment                                living example of

Equitable                                      fair and equal

Ephemeral                                    short-lived

Enunciation                                  clear pronunciation

Encroach                                      trespass

Extol                                            praise

Euphony                                       pleasant sounds

Equanimity                                   peace of mind

Exorcism                                      getting free/rid of

Entourage                                     group of followers

Exasperated                                 frustrated

Epitome                                        essence

Expeditious                                  speedy

Engender                                      cause

Envenom                                      to cause bitterness and bad feeling

Endorsed                                      supported

Exemplify                                    to serve as a good example

Empiric                                         found by experiment/practice

Extraneous                                   irrelevant

Eclectic                                        taking things from different sources

Extradite                                      deport from one country back to the home country

Extant                                          still in existence

Exonerated                                   proved not guilty

Exotic                                           strange

Estrangement                               separation

Espouse                                        promote

Err                                                make a mistake

Expedient                                     convenient

Exorbitant                                    excessive

Emancipators                               those who set others free

Enhance                                       improve

Embittered                                   full of bitter feelings

Exasperation                                frustration and annoyance

Equivocate                                   speak ambiguously

Eulogy                                          praise

Extrapolate                                   extend

Fickle                                           unpredictable

Fitful                                            not continuous

Fraudulent                                    fake

Finagle                                         wheedle

Foster                                           support

Finesse                                         skill

Fly-by-night                                 unreliable

Fortuitous                                     happening by chance

Facile                                            over simplified

Fastidious                                     overly particular

Fractious                                      irritable

Formidable                                   inspiring awe

Flamboyant                                  showy

Faction                                         section

Foil                                               frustrate

Feasible                                        possible and practicable

Fastidious                                     very fussy

Fecund                                         fertile Inebriation drunkenness

Felicitous                                      apt

Flabbergast                                   shock

Fortitude                                      bravery Innocuous harmless

Flaunt                                           show off

Flag                                              to lose energy

Flippant                                        making jokes about serious matters Infer deduce

Flout                                             defy

Fallacious                                     false

Falter                                            hesitate

Fanaticism                                    passion

Frugal                                           economical

Futile                                            useless

Fitful                                            intermittent

Fervor                                           passion

Flustered                                      worked-up

Gratuitous                                    free

Glutton                                         greedy

Grating                                         harsh

Gestures                                       signals

Glacial                                          icy

Heed                                            listen to

Hone                                            sharpen

Hoary                                           old

Hedonism                                     self indulgence

Husbandry                                   careful management of resources

Hilarity                                         great laughter

Hidebound                                   rigid in opinions

Haughtiness                                 arrogance

Histrionic                                     theatrical

Hackneyed                                   commonplace

Harbingers                                    indicators

Hasten                                          hurry

Hinder                                          obstruct

Insolvent                                      bankrupt

Imperious                                     in a commanding manner

Idiosyncratic                                quirky

Incongruous                                 not fitting in

Inane                                            silly

Ineffable                                      cannot be expressed in words

Inconsequential                            unimportant

Illusory                                         deceptive

Instigator                                      troublemaker

Insurrectionist                              rebel

Ingenue                                        naive, unsophisticated person

Impoverished                               destitute

Incipient                                       just beginning

Impromptu                                   unrehearsed

Indelible                                       cannot be wiped out

Irreverence                                   lack of respect

Insular                                          narrow-minded

intrigued                                       interested and curious

Impetuosity                                  impulsiveness

Immutable                                    unchanging

Impudent                                     cheeky

Innocuous                                    harmless

Inscrutable                                   mysterious

Inertia                                           inactivity

Insightful                                     perceptive

Invocation                                    prayer

Intuition                                       sixth sense

Irreproachable                              can not be criticized

Inclination                                    tendency

Inadvertent                                  not intentional

Immoderate                                  excessive

Impecunious                                 having no money

Ineffable                                      cant be expressed in words

Iconoclast                                     person who opposes orthodoxy

Innovate                                       create

Irony                                            something unexpected

Inept                                             incompetent

Insurgent                                      a rebel

Ingenuous                                    naive

Incoherence                                  lack of clarity

Inconsequential                            unimportant

Indigenous                                   native to a locality

Inexorable                                    relentless

Insentient                                     unfeeling

Indomitable                                  unshakeable

Indictment                                   charge

Inconspicuous                              not easily seen

Insolence                                      lack of respect

Incoherent                                    not clear

Indulgent                                     pampering

Indigenous                                   native to a particular area

Irresolute                                      lacking firmness of purpose

Ignominy                                      shame

Infusion                                        influx

Indulgent                                     kindly

Inimical                                        hostile

Indiscriminate                              without thought

Ignominy                                      shame [ignominious (a) = shameful]

Indolence                                     laziness

Inevitable                                     cannot be avoided

Ignominious                                 shameful

Jaded                                            tired

Juxtaposition                                placing two things next to each other

Kindle                                          to start a fire

Knotty                                          complex

Labyrinthine                                 complicated

Lamentable                                  regrettable

Lackluster                                    dull

Languish                                      decay

Lackadaisical                               lazy

Largess                                         generosity

Lummox                                       clumsy person

Lofty                                            snooty

Ludicrous                                     ridiculous

Languid                                        Lacking energy

Larceny                                        theft

Legitimate                                    to make legal

Libertarian                                    someone who opposes tyranny

Lucid                                            clear

Lynch                                           assassinate

Lachrymose                                  tearful

Laud                                             praise

Lampoon                                      ridicule

Laconic                                        using few words

Luscious                                       juicy

Lamentation                                 expression of regret or sorrow

Lavish                                          on a grand scale

Lithe                                             flexible

Lucid                                            clear

Longevity                                     long life

Lax                                               careless

Livid                                            very angry

Lobby                                           to try to persuade

Miffed                                          annoyed

Mercenary                                    concerned only with money

Multifarious                                 having many aspects

Marred                                         damaged

Morbidity                                     concern with death and disease

Menagerie                                    collection of animals

Machinations                                plots and plans

Magnanimous                               generous

Mercenary                                    seeking money above all else

Mercurial                                      volatile

Meager                                         in short supply

Modicum                                      tiny amount

Maladroit                                     clumsy

Milieu                                           environment

Meager                                         small

Matriarchy                                    society governed by women

Malady                                         illness

Marshal                                        to gather together

Meticulous                                   very careful

Mettle                                           courage

Meticulous                                   thorough

Mendacious                                  given to lying

Momentous                                  of great importance

Marsupial                                     pouched mammal (like a kangaroo)

Meander                                       wander from side to side

Marred                                         spoiled

Mire                                              swamp

Misanthrope                                 hater of the rest of mankind

Monotonous                                 dull

Malefactor                                    a wrong-doer

Motley                                          varied

Martinet                                       person who believes in strict discipline

Nondescript                                 having no special qualities

Naivete                                         innocence

Notoriety                                      infamy

Noxious                                        harmful

Nefarious                                     infamous

Nemesis                                        fate

Ogle                                             stare at

Overhaul                                      renovate

Oblivious                                      totally unaware

Obsequious                                  servile

Oblique                                        indirect

Obsolete                                       no longer valid

Onerous                                        burdensome

Obdurate                                      stubborn

Obviate                                        avoid

Odious                                         hateful Posterity future generations

Opting                                          choosing

Obfuscate                                     deliberately make something difficult to understand

Obscured                                      hidden

Obtuse                                          mentally dull

Obsequious                                  slavish

Ominous                                       threatening

Officious                                      interfering

Opacity                                        lack of transparency

Omnipotent                                  all-powerful

Obliterate                                     destroy

Overt                                            obvious

Orthodox                                     conventional

Opulent                                        wealthy

Onerous                                        burdensome

Opportunism                                grabbing opportunities

Omniscient                                   all-knowing

Ostentatious                                 showy

Objective                                      unbiased

Prosaic                                          dull

Proponents                                   promoters

Posthumous                                  after death

Preamble                                      introductory material

Precarious                                     unstable

Pensive                                         in a thoughtful mood

Prospectus                                    brochure

Polarized                                      divided into two extremes

Placid                                           peaceful

Plummet                                       fall suddenly and steeply

Pathos                                          evoking sadness or pity

Procrastinate                                delay

Protean                                         changeable

Propensity                                    tendency

Prosaic                                          ordinary

Pellucid                                        transparently clear

Plaudits                                        praise

Pragmatist                                    practical person

Proletarian                                    member of the working class

Predilection                                  liking for

Patronize                                      condescend to

Plausible                                       can be believed

Purportedly                                  apparently claiming

Punctilious                                   meticulous

Ponderous                                    weighty

Perceptive                                    observant

Prudent                                        wise

Potent                                           powerful

Perquisites                                    perks

Peer                                              An equal

Pragmatism                                  practicality

Pusillanimous                               cowardly

Penchant                                      tendency

Peevishness                                  childish sullenness

Precipitous                                   done in a hurry

Purloin                                          steal

Preclude                                       prevent or make impossible

Percipient                                     perceptive

Predicament                                 dilemma

Partisan                                        biased

Protocol                                        procedure

Proscribe                                      forbid

Protagonist                                   main character in film, book,

Protege                                         person under protection of, or guided by another

Prolific                                         producing a lot

Puerile                                          childish

Pliable                                          flexible

Prevaricate                                   speak misleadingly and evasively

Plethora                                        an excess

Perdition                                      damnation

Penurious                                     miserly

Pliant                                            flexible

Plagiarism                                     taking credit for someone else’s writing or ideas

Pragmatic                                     practical Ruse trick

Precursor                                      forerunner

Paucity                                         scarcity

Petulant                                        touchy

Plaintiff                                        petitioner (in court of law)

Pallid                                            pale

Parsimonious                                economical

Prescient                                       having fore-knowledge

Peccadillo                                     minor weakness

Pretentious                                   pompous

Profound                                      having deep meaning

Pyromania                                    compulsion to start fires

Parity                                            equality

Pejorative                                     derogatory

Prodigious                                    very large

Phlegmatic                                   calm

Prerogative                                   right or privilege

Prudent                                        cautious

Profundity                                    depth (of ideas/thoughts)

Paramount                                    of supreme importance

Profane                                         unholy

Placid                                           calm

Predecessor                                  one who came before

Phobic                                          fearful (Root phobia always implies fear)

Paucity                                         shortage

Polemical                                      causing debate or argument

Parsimony                                    stinginess

Parry                                             ward off

Prosody                                        study of versification

Portent                                         a warning sign

Quixotic                                       idealistic

Quagmire                                     marsh

Quell                                            suppress

Quaff                                           drink down quickly

Remiss                                          neglectful

Rancor                                          bitterness and bad feeling

Rousing                                        stirring

Resolute                                       firm of purpose

Retention                                     preservation

Riddled                                        full of (usually full of holes)

Raze                                             known down, destroy

Resolution                                    determination

Reticent                                        restrained

Robust                                          strong

Rudimentary                                elementary

Reprehensible                               very bad

Revere                                          worship

Replete                                         full

Rife                                              common

Robust                                          strong and sturdy

Reprieve                                       a respite

Resilience                                     strength

Rhetoric                                       persuasive language

Reprieve                                       let off (atleast temporarily)

Recrimination                               blame

Retraction                                    removal

Remuneration                               payment for work done

Ruminate                                      think over something

Rigor                                            thoroughness

Resonant                                      echoing

Reprehensible                               shameful

Reprimanded                               scolded

Repertoire                                    range

Radical                                         revolutionary

Rambunctious                              boisterous

Restorative                                   a tonic

Repudiate                                     shun

Rescind                                        retract

Retraction                                    withdrawal

Scrutinize                                     examine carefully

Sarcasm                                        sneering

Skirmish                                       minor battle

Solace                                           comfort for grief

Sallow                                          yellowish

Sage                                             a wise person

Stanza                                          section of a poem

spasmodic Intonation                  tone of voice

Sensuous                                      appealing to the senses

Supple                                          flexible

Stipulated                                     insisted

Succulent                                     juicy

Scrutinize                                     examine carefully

Salutary                                        something which teaches you a lesson

Sophomoric                                  juvenile

Steadfastness                               loyalty

Slipshod                                       careless

Servile                                          overly submissive

Sustain                                         support

Sanguinary                                   bloodthirsty

Skeptical                                      doubting

Somber                                         gloomy

Sycophant                                    toady

Savant                                          person with knowledge

Sequester                                      isolate

Scuttled                                        sunk

Scrupulous                                   careful

Soothsayer                                   fortuneteller

Sardonic                                       mocking

Salvageable                                  can be saved

Sluggard                                       slow-moving

Sanctimonious                              hypocritically holy

Specious                                       false

Soporific                                      inducing sleep

Sophistry                                      devious logic

Solicit                                           to ask for

Sanguine                                      optimistic

Stagnant                                       still

Secluded                                      lonely

Sporadic                                       not continuous

Soporific                                      sleep inducing

Salacious                                      lecherous

Supplant                                       replace

Seditious                                      causing division or rebellion

Somnambulist                              sleepwalker

Solicitous                                     expressing care and concern

Sanctity                                        holiness

Squander                                      waste

Sanction                                       give approval to

Solace                                           comfort

Sagacious                                     wise

Sedulous                                      thorough

Scale                                             to climb

Surfeit                                          excess

Squelch                                        suppress

Sermonize                                    give moral lecture

Scouring                                       cleaning thoroughly

Stereotype                                    fixed image

Subversive                                    intending to overthrow

Staid                                             dull

Serendipity                                   fortunate coincidence

Sedate                                          calm

Serene                                          peaceful

Tumult                                          uproar

Trepidation                                   fear

Tractable                                      obedient

Truncate                                       cut short

Temporize                                    put off

Therapeutic                                  medicinal

Tenacious                                     holding firmly to idea or purpose

Tirade                                           stream of verbal abuse

Transitory                                     short-lived

Totter                                           walk unsteadily

Titter                                            giggle quietly

Truant                                           shirker

Truculence                                    stubbornness

Thwart                                          prevent

Talisman                                       lucky charm

Thwarted                                      prevented

Tentative                                      not certain

Temperamental                             volatile

Tribulation                                    trouble

Trinket                                          something of little value

Tangential                                    off the point

Transient                                      short-lived

Teacly                                           too sweet

Traverse                                        to move across

Tedium                                         boredom

Torpid                                          inactive

Torpor                                          dormancy

Trite                                              unoriginal

Tardy                                            slow

Transgress                                    go astray

Transcribe                                     copy

Trivial                                           unimportant

Turpitude                                     depravity

Tangible                                       can be touched

Timorous                                      cowardly

Upbraid                                        scold

Unalloyed                                    undiluted

Unyielding                                   not giving up

Urbane                                         sophisticated

Utilitarian                                     useful

Unequivocal                                 certain

Unequivocal                                 clear

Ubiquitous                                   found everywhere

Undermined                                 damaged

Unprecedented                            never having happened before

Uproarious                                   hilarious

Unscathed                                    unharmed

Unfetter                                       set free

Undermine                                   weaken

Underscore                                   emphasize

Upshot                                         outcome

Unwitting                                     not deliberate

Vex                                              annoy

Vindictive                                    seeking revenge

Vehement                                     forceful

Voluminous                                  large

Verbose                                        talkative

Vigilant                                        wary

Vilification                                   blackening someone’s name

Warped                                        twisted

Vertigo                                         dizziness

Valor                                            bravery

Venial                                           minor

Viscous                                        thick and sticky

Vestigial                                       not developed

Variegated                                   multicolored

Veneer                                          surface coating

Vehemence                                  violence

Veracity                                       truthfulness

Vacillate                                       waver

Waning                                         declining

Vapid                                           dull

Vagrant                                        person wandering without a home

Venal                                            corrupt

Vacuous                                       empty

Versatility                                    ability to do many things

Validated                                     proved right

Wary                                            cautious

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