Is It a Baton or a Batton?

Baton or Batton

When we write, we want to pick the right words so our readers understand us clearly. Today, we’re going to look at two words that sound alike but have different spellings: “batton” and “baton.” One of these words is correct for most situations, and that word is “baton.”

Which One Is Correct

“Baton” is the correct spelling, a “baton” is a stick that people hold and use for different reasons. Here are some ways people use batons:

  • Music Conductors: A person who leads an orchestra or band might use a baton to show the musicians when to play their instruments.
  • Relay Races: In sports, especially in running races where team members pass a stick from one to another, that stick is called a baton.
  • Police Officers: Sometimes, police officers carry a special kind of stick called a baton for their safety and to help keep peace.

Why Not “Batton”?

“Batton” is not a word that we use in everyday English. The word “batton” is a mistake people sometimes make when they write or say “baton”. It’s easy to add an extra “t” by accident, but now you know it’s just “baton” with one “t”.

Tips to Remember:

  • Think of “baton” like “bat” + “on”. It’s like a bat you turn on to use, but much simpler and not electronic!
  • Remember, “baton” rhymes with “pat on”. Like giving someone a “pat on” the back, but it’s “ba-ton”.

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