Art Vocabulary Words

Art Vocabulary Words

Art can be both a hobby and a profession for some, and for those who are serious about their art, there is a specific language used to describe their artwork and the process of creating their pieces. Knowing the art vocabulary words is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the art world. This blog post will highlight a few of the most commonly used words when talking about art and their definitions so that you can understand the language of the art world more fully.

A To Z Art Related Words List

Airbrush Assemblage Academy
Animation Abstract art Arabesque
Artwork Arthur Art gallery
Array Acrylic paint Architecture
Antique Acrylic painting Acrylic resin
Artists Assemble Artistic
Artist’s bridge Art supply Actor
Attempt Audiovisual Artist
Art show Author Automatism
Avant-garde Award Abstractionist
Aquatint Aboriginal art Applied art
Art nouveau Acrylic Artisan


Blending Become artist Bauhaus
Batik Biscuit Brightness
Brush Bookplate Bas-relief
Bust Byzantine Brushwork
Booklet Best Bridge
Biographical Balance Baroque
Biography Buy paint Body paint


Card Copied Catalogues
Clay Colored pencils Casting
Collection Curve Convex
Carpet page Contrast Canon
Curator Critique Camera obscura
Compilation Cartooning Combat
Color wheel Chalk Color
Cloisonné Characters Charcoal
Contemporary art Cosplays Conceptual art
Content Compass Chisel
Craft Crafting Composition
Commission Crayon Create
Creative work Credited Creativity
Crosshatching   Collage
Canvas Carve Coat wall
Cartoon Commanding Ceramics
Calligraphy Composers Drawing


Diptych Direction Drawings
Design Draftsman Displayed
Diversity Displays Discourse
Decor Diorama Decorate
Depict Decorate room Draw
Displaying Drip painting Decoupage


Entertainment Enamel Erase
Expressionism Egg tempera Exhibit
Expressive Exhibitions Endurance
Exhibition Eraser Enfant terrible
Engraving Enlightenment Emboss
Etchings Easel Etching


Finger paint Fine art Filmmakers
Futurism Figurine Flavor
Figure drawing Film Featuring
Fluid Folk art Figure
Feature Foreshortening Form
Frame Fresco Framed
Fuzz Falter Fiction


Gilding Gameplay Game
Gallery open Get some paint Gouache
Graffiti Glyptography Gallery
Graphic design Graphite Graphic
Glassblowing Genre painting Gold leaf
Geometric Glaze Gesso
Graphics Glass  


High-relief Hue Hirschfeld
Hieroglyphs Hatching History painting
Humanities High art History


Illustrated Icon Illustration
Infusion Impasto Installation art
Ink Indiana Icons
India ink Illustrative Illumination
Illusionism Installation Illustrate
Inspiration Imagery Image
Innovation Iconography  


Judgment Johns Jasper johns


Kitsch Kiln Key


Latex Lithography Lithograph
Literature Luster Literary
Linocut Logo Latex paint
Letter sign Life drawing Lost wax method
Lighting Line Line engraving
Lino cut Liner brush Linseed oil


Muse Minimalist art Momentum
Museum Magnum opus Modern art
Mask tape Masterpiece Minstrelsy
Marker Merch Meager
Memes Media Model
Masterworks Marble Mosaic
Museums Motif Movie
Masa Mural Marbling
Modernist Miniaturist Modeling
Musical Mechanical pencil Mixed media
Manuscript Medium  


Notation Novelist Novel


Objet trouvé Old master Oeuvre
Other Originals Overlap
Oil paint Original art Oil color
Offset lithograph Op art  


Print Porcelain Paintbrush
Poster Printed Photo
Pen Portray Publication
Pastiche Pastel Perspective
Paint roller Physical body Picturer
Porn Paint Photogravure
Pochoir Papier pastoral Panorama
Pigment Plein air painting Placement
Portrait Pictures Photographer
Pounce Puppetry Printing
Pre-raphaelite Presents Pencil
Painter Photorealism Primary color
Painters Painting Performed
Paintless Paintmaking Palette
Panel painting Palette knife Photography
Paper Performers Pose
Proportion Pop art Portraiture
Project Pioneering Portfolio
Pottery Photograph Playwright


Quattrocento Quill Quality
Quilting Quilt  


Rococo Restraint Reproduced
Realism Renowned Romanticism
Renaissance Repetition Romanticist
Ruler Remastered Recording


Stippling Shallowness Seascape
Surrealism Sculpture Sculptor
Shade Sketchbook Skill
Stone Site-specific art Sculpting
Scroll Soundtrack Stencil
Style Solvent Silkscreen
Secondary color Sketch Self-portrait
Scale Scheme Science
Screenwriter Screen printing Singer
Sculpt Surrealist Stipple
Subtle Spray paint Stonecutting
Shapes Stained glass  


Textile arts Tables Tiffany
Trompe l’oeil Tools Trompe l’oeil
Triptych Tapestries Tint
Technicolor Tempera Turpentine
Template Tube Tone
T-square Tanka  


Ukiyo-e Unusual Unpaint
Use brush Undertone Ultimate


Varnish Variety Vocalist
Visual arts Vellum Ventriloquism
Video Video art Videos
Vision Visual artist Visual


Whirl Watercolorist Watercolor
War artists Wheel Woodcut print
Work of art Woodblock Writer
Works Wood carving Woodcut
Waterscape Wood engraving Wax
Written Wood  


Zoomorphic Zest Ziggurat

Art Vocabulary Words | Images

Art Vocabulary Words

Art Vocabulary Words

Art Vocabulary List

Art related words

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