Words to Use Instead of Very Pdf – Definition and Infographics

words to use instead of very

Words to Use Instead of Very Pdf!

Tired of speaking the old words, well in this lesson I am going to provide you with a list of useful words that you can use instead of very.

List of Words to Use Instead of Very

Here are the list of words instead of very:

very little tiny
very boring dull
very big massive
very hard to find rare
very clean spotless
very different disparate
very empty desolate
very well-to-do wealthy
very sad sorrowful
very skinny skeletal
very open transparent
very lovely stunning
very tight constricting
very messy slovenly
very detailed meticulous
very dark lightless
very light luminous
very empty desolate
very huge colossal
very friendly affectionate
very roomy spacious
very special exceptional

List of Words instead of Very – Infographics 1

very fond attached
very easy effortless
very fancy lavish
very smart intelligent
very eager keen
very disagreeable obnoxious
very realistic practical
very valuable precious
very happy ecstatic
very easy smooth
very perfect flawless
very smelly pungent
very sure certain
very dull tedious
very crowded bustling
very accurate exact
very boring dull
very lazy indolent
very depressed despondent
very dry arid
very careful cautious
very compete comprehensive
very dirty filthy
very difficult arduous
very inexpensive cheap
very clear obvious
very clean spotless
very cheap stingy
very conventional conservative
very pretty beautiful
very upset distraught

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Words to Use Instead of Very – Infographic 2

very funny hilarious
very hungry starving
very short brief
very clever brilliant
very busy overloaded
very strong unyielding
very cute adorable
very mean cruel
very quick rapid
very great terrific
very beautiful exquisite
very greedy impatient
very painful excruciating
very dangerous threatening
very deep profound
very worried distressed
very wise sage
very windy blustery
very loose slack
very willing eager
very wide expansive
very core gist
very wet soaked
very weak frail
very shiny gleaming
very warm hot
very simple basic
very sweet thoughtful
very exciting exhilarating
very sure certain
very stupid idiotic
very charmed mesmerized
very poor destitute/underprivileged
very dull tedious
very strong forceful
very old ancient
very dry parched
very careful cautious
very special exceptional
very sorry apologetic
very soft downy
very fast quick
very smooth sleek
very smart intelligent
very kind considerate
very slow sluggish
very smooth sleek
very scary chilling
very calm serene
very scared petrified
very brave courageous
very sad sorrowful
very often frequently
very rich wealthy
very rainy pouring
very busy swamped
very quiet hushed
very quick rapid
very big immense
very nice kind
very high soaring
very loud deafening
very pretty beautiful
very dear cherished
very difficult challenging
very messy slovenly
very lovely adorable
very mean cruel
very fat obese
very loose slack
very long extensive
very lively animated
very little tiny
very wicked villainous
very lazy indolent
very light luminous
very glad overjoyed
very funny hilarious
very friendly amiable
very fierce ferocious
very fast quick
very fat obese
very distressing dreadful
very fancy lavish
very expensive costly
very exciting exhilarating
very deep profound
very ugly hideous
very tasty delicious
very jolly carefree
very weak frail
very dear cherished
very bright luminous
very talented gifted
very cute adorable
very crowded bustling

Different Words Instead of Very – Infographic 3

very creative innovative
very confused perplexed
very colorful vibrant
very cold freezing
very cold freezing
very clever intelligent
very confused perplexed
very beautiful gorgeous
very wet soaked
very bad awful
very angry furious
very sharp keen
very afraid fearful
very gracefully lithely
very serious grave
very accurate exact
very important crucial
very worried distressed
very wise sage
very empty desolate
very risky perilous
very sleepy lethargic
very wise sagacious
very evil wicked
very fierce relentless
very windy blustery
very necessary essential
very unhappy miserable
very creative innovative
very much enough
very scared petrified
very long extensive
very pale ashen
very powerful compelling
very willing eager
very angry furious
very nervous apprehensive
very stupid idiotic
very interesting fascinating
very long-term enduring
very warm hot
very tired exhausted
very hard difficult
very rainy drizzly
very bright luminous
very quiet silent
very afraid fearful
very lively animated
very bad atrocious
very shy timid
very far away distant
very expensive costly
very numerous diverse
very upset distraught
very ugly hideous
very noisy deafening
very tired exhausted
very tiny minuscule
very eager keen
very protective defensive
very tight constricting
very rich wealthy
very thirsty parched
very tasty delicious
very colorful vibrant

List of Words Instead of Very – Infographics 4

very good excellent
very tall towering
very sorry apologetic
very cheap stingy
very talented gifted
very small petite
very hurt battered/crushed
very slow sluggish
very neat immaculate
very skinny skeletal
very simple basic
very fortunate blessed
very shy timid
very large huge
very limited finite
very pleasant amiable
very short brief
very afraid terrified
very glad overjoyed
very excited thrilled
very shiny gleaming
very calm serene
very thin gaunt
very tall towering
very sharp keen
very serious grave
very soft downy
very powerful compelling
very poor destitute
very rainy pouring
very perfect flawless
very pale ashen
very open transparent
very old ancient
very often frequently
very competitive cutthroat
very noisy deafening
very nice kind
very large huge
very loved adored
very hurt battered
very hungry starving
very humble courteous
very huge colossal
very heavy leaden
very hard difficult
very happy ecstatic
very great terrific
very good excellent
very excited thrilled
very evil wicked
very proud honored

words to use instead of very words to use instead of very


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