Words That Start with R and End with R

Words That Start with R and End with R

This blog post has a list of words that start with R and end with R along with their meaning.

Words with R and End with R

Radar – a system for detecting the presence, direction, distance

Rattler – a type of snake that makes a rattling sound with its tail

Rapper – a performer of rap music

Rafter – one of a series of sloping beams that support a pitched roof

Rambler – a person who walks or travels aimlessly

Razor – a sharp-edged instrument used for shaving or cutting hair

Riser – a vertical or inclined part of a stair or step

Rover – a person who roams or wanders around without a fixed destination

Roller – a cylindrical device that is used to flatten or compress something

Rower – a person who rows a boat

Runner – a person who runs

Ruler – a tool used for measuring length or distance

Racer – a person or animal that competes in a race

Racerunner – a type of lizard that is able to run at high speeds

Reaver – a person who engages in pillaging or plundering

Reaper – a person or machine that reaps crops at harvest time

Reaver – a person who engages in pillaging or plundering

Receiver – a device that receives radio or television signals

Reducer – a person or thing that reduces something in size or quantity

Refiner – a person or thing that refines something, such as crude oil or sugar

Reflector – a surface or object that reflects light or sound

Regulator – a device or person that regulates or controls something

Rejoinder – a reply or response to a statement or remark

Reliever – a person or thing that relieves pain or discomfort

Reminder – a message or signal that serves as a reminder of something

Reneger – a person who reneges or goes back on a promise or agreement

Renouncer – a person who renounces or gives up something, such as a claim or a belief

Repairer – a person or thing that repairs something, such as a machine or a building

Reporter – a person who reports news or information for a newspaper, magazine, or television program

Requirer – a person who requires or demands something

Rescuer – a person who rescues or saves someone from danger or harm

Researcher – a person who conducts research or investigates a particular topic

Rescinder – the act of canceling or revoking a contract or agreement

Reserver – a person or thing that reserves something, such as a seat or a room

Resister – a person or thing that resists or opposes something

Responder – a person who responds or answers to a question or a call

Restorer – a person or thing that restores something to its original condition or state

Retainer – a fee paid to secure the services of a lawyer, accountant, or other professional

Retriever – a dog breed used for retrieving game, such as ducks or pheasants

Reverber – a person or thing that causes reverberation or resonance

Reviver – a person or thing that revives or brings something back to life

Reviewer – a person who writes reviews or critiques of books, movies, or other media

Rigger – a person who sets up or assembles equipment, such as a stage or a sailboat

Ringer – a person or thing that rings

Words Starting With R and Ending with R

Rangifer Rulier Relaxer
Rustler Rafter Ranker
Roarer Rushier Rifer
Rear Radular Rationalizer
Rider Rickover Roar
Reindeer Radar Rooster
Rotter Ruminator Refuter
Roger Ruer Ribber
Reviver Roughrider Ruder
Rower Recur Runner
Recompenser Roturier Rockier
Reaper Raider Realizer
Ranter Runtier Railroader
Ramular Ryder Ringleader
Refer Reliver Reducer
Refuser Rector Romadur
Rancher Remitter Repair
Ringmaster Redsear Rectangular
Repeater Repour Reservoir
Revisor Reticular Rodster
Rhymer Roadster Raffler
Rathskeller Ruiner Radiator
Ratepayer Rouser Rummer
Recounter Ragger Robber
Rubbernecker Racerunner Redder

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Words That Start with R and End with R

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