Words That Start with C and End with A

Words That Start with C and End with A

Here is a list of words that start with C and end with A:

Words Starting with C and Ending with A

Camera – an apparatus for taking photographs

Corona – a circle of light or brightness around the sun or moon

Catastrophe – a sudden and disastrous event

Coca – a South American plant with leaves containing cocaine

Coma – a state of unconsciousness from which a person cannot be awakened

Candelabra – a decorative candle holder with several arms or branches

Candelilla – a wax obtained from the leaves of a desert shrub

Cumbia – a type of Latin American music and dance

Caja – a box or case, often used to store money

Canoa – a canoe or small boat used by Indigenous people in Central and South America

Cedula – an identification card used in Latin America

Cereza – a type of cherry

Chica – a type of beer made from maize

Cosa – a thing or object

Cumbancha – a lively dance party or celebration

Cuica – a Brazilian percussion instrument

Cajaiba – a traditional Brazilian seafood stew

Capoeira – a Brazilian martial art and dance form

Cascara – the outer skin or husk of coffee beans

Chicha – a fermented beverage made from maize or other grains

Chilena – a type of Chilean folk dance and music

Chinchilla – a small, soft-furred rodent native to South America

Chubasco – a sudden and violent storm

Cimarrona – a type of Costa Rican folk music

Cinchona – a tree native to South America

Cizalla – a type of cutting tool or shears

Cochina – a type of traditional Mexican dance and music

Cojita – a soft, crumbly Mexican cheese

Colorado – a type of chili pepper

Comadre – a close female friend or godmother

Comandancia – a military headquarters or command center

Comba – a type of jump rope used for exercise

Comida – food, a meal

Condorina – a type of bus used in the Andes

Conquistadora – a female conqueror or conqueress

Copla – a type of Spanish verse or poem

Corola – the petals of a flower

Coronilla – a type of rosary or prayer beads

Corsica – an island in the Mediterranean Sea

Cossaca – a type of Russian cavalry soldier

Costanera – a coastal road or boulevard

Costilla – a type of rib

Cotorra – a parrot or parakeet

Coyunda – a type of yoke or harness used to hitch oxen or horses together

Cremallera – a type of zipper or fastener

Cresta – a crest or tuft of feathers on a bird’s head

Criolla – a person of Spanish descent born in the Americas

Croqueta – a type of Spanish or Latin American fried food

Cruzada – a crusade or campaign for a cause or belief

Cuba – a country in the Caribbean Sea

Cucaracha – a cockroach

Cuchara – a spoon

Cueva – a cave or cavern

Culebra – a snake or serpent

Cumbia-salsa – a fusion of cumb

Words That Start With C and End with A

Cannula Comma Cha
Corona Calluna Cantala
Citola Corolla Chufa
Carnivora Calisaya Carbonara
Chromonemata Chlorella Crustacea
Crematoria Cuba Cinema
Cesta Calaba Coala
Cuticula Coala Comma
Ceria Curiosa Cnida
Colza Chishona Chippewa
Coccidia Cumbia Colluvia
Coelentera Catha Conjunctiva
Cassava Cobia Clivia
Carina Cupola Camera
Carcinomata Cantilena Cordillera
Camisia Cancha Coryphantha
Corvina Cia Celosia
Chacma Celoma Centaurea
Catena Cnidosporidia Canella
Czarina Chacma Chaeta
Cilia Cella Catawba
Cotinga Chibcha Chica
Chichewa Chimla Chihuahua
Clostridia Chiroptera Cinderella
Calla Caragana Coma
Caldera Cantina Cyma
Cocoa Curcuma Cupola
Conga Cassena Cambodia
Clitella Cola Cabala
Ceca Cuesta

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