Funny, Cute Ways to Say What Are You Doing

Cute ways to say what are you doing

Who says simple everyday questions have to be boring? Spice up your daily conversations and interactions by using funny, cute alternatives to the common question, “What are you doing?”. Whether you’re texting your significant other, sliding into someone’s DMs, or just looking to entertain a friend, these alternatives can add a sprinkle of fun and sweetness to the dialogue. Here are some delightful ways to ask that age-old question:

Cute Ways to Say What Are You Doing

  • Whatcha tinkering with?
  • Whatcha jamming to?
  • What’s the plan, Stan?
  • What adventure are you on?
  • What are your hands busy with?
  • Hey, whatcha doing over there?
  • Whatcha reading?
  • What’s the story, morning glory?
  • What’s cookin’?
  • What are you spinning today?
  • What’s the latest and greatest?
  • Are you stirring up some fun?
  • Whatcha doodling?
  • What’s on the agenda?
  • What magic are you making?
  • Hey, whatcha munching on?
  • Busy bee, what are you up to?
  • What’s bubbling?
  • Up to some fun?
  • What’s your scene right now?
  • What’s the buzz, cuz?
  • Hey, what’s the play today?
  • Are you on a mission?
  • What’s popping?
  • What wonders are you whipping up?
  • Up to some tricks?
  • Hey, what are you diving into?
  • What fun are you getting into?
  • Whatcha lost in?
  • What game are you playing?
  • Whatcha giggling at?
  • Hey, what’s lighting up your day?
  • Whatcha crafting?
  • What world are you conquering today?
  • What are you diving into?
  • What’s keeping you busy?
  • Whatcha daydreaming about?
  • What mischief are you up to?
  • What’s in the works?
  • Whatcha up to?

Funny Ways to Say What Are You Doing

  • What’s baking, cupcake?
  • Dreaming big?
  • Building an empire?
  • What’s shaking?
  • What’s the gig, twig?
  • Whatcha tackling, jackal?
  • Spilling any beans?
  • Whatcha cookin’?
  • Plotting world takeovers?
  • Up to no good?
  • Stirring the pot?
  • What’s hopping, bunny?
  • Being a wild one?
  • Whatcha scheming?
  • Making mischief?
  • What’s the buzz?
  • What’s poppin’, popcorn?
  • Inventing something?
  • What’s crackin’?
  • Setting any records?
  • What’s the drill, daffodil?
  • What’s the vibe, tribe?
  • What’s the score, dinosaur?
  • What’s the move, groove?
  • What’s the jest, guest?
  • What’s the plan, man?
  • Playing detective?
  • Dancing alone?
  • Being sneaky, cheeky?
  • Being a busy bee?
  • Whatcha up to, buttercup?
  • Causing a ruckus?
  • What’s the scene, jellybean?
  • What’s the deal, banana peel?
  • What’s the plot, hotshot?
  • On a secret mission?
  • Up to monkey biz?
  • Cooking up a storm?
  • Whatcha digging?
  • Whatcha crafting, draftling?

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funny ways to say what are you doing Cute Ways to Say What Are You Doing

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