Funny Ways to Say Cheers in English

Ways to Say Cheers in English

“Cheers” is a friendly way people say when they’re celebrating or drinking together. It came from an old French word, ‘chiere’, which means ‘face’. Many people around the world use it. But if you want to make people laugh when you’re toasting, English has lots of funny ways to say it. Here are some funny things to say when raising your glass:

Other Ways to Say Cheers

There are numerous ways to propose a toast or simply express celebration with a drink in hand. Here are humorous takes on saying “cheers” in English:

  • To our liver’s discontent!
  • Gobble ’til you wobble! (for Thanksgiving)
  • Let’s get fizzical!
  • Cheers to beers and good cheers!
  • To liquid courage!
  • May our glasses be ever full!
  • Chug-a-lug!
  • To the foam!
  • Keep calm and drink on!
  • Here’s to whatever!
  • I’d cheers to that!
  • Bottoms up!
  • Quench long and prosper!
  • Drink now, adult later!
  • Here’s to adulting…or trying to!
  • Hydrate or diedrate!
  • Here’s to another round!
  • Here’s to looking up your old address!
  • Up your nose with a rubber hose!
  • Let’s raise a glass and lower our standards!
  • Sip, sip, hooray!
  • Here’s to feeling good all the time!
  • Let the shenanigans begin!
  • Toast to most, drink to all!
  • It’s happy hour somewhere!
  • To the drink that made you interesting!
  • May the glass be ever in your favor!
  • Here’s to WiFi, water, and wine!
  • Liquid laughter, here we come!
  • To good times and bad decisions!
  • Booze and beyond!
  • Here’s to what the doctor ordered!
  • Because adulting is hard!
  • Gulp and be jolly!
  • I drink to your health, and another for merriment!
  • May the drink be with you!
  • To friends, fun, and forgetting tomorrow!
  • Let’s wine about life together!
  • Sip happens!
  • To pure liquid luck!
  • Let the drink do the talking!
  • Stay hydrated with style!
  • To infinity and beyond!
  • Let’s get ship-faced!
  • Down the hatch!
  • Here’s to nights we won’t remember with friends we’ll never forget!
  • To not spilling this one!
  • Drink and be merry!
  • Here’s mud in your eye!
  • Let’s get elfed up! (for holiday parties)

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Funny Ways to Say Cheers

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