Verbs That Start With M

Verbs That Start With M

List of Verbs That Start With M:

Verbs Starting With M

Mummy Mend Made
Minorate Mash Mime
Motivating Making Major
Motivate Mainswear Mashing
Mean Mince Maintain
Mans Multiply Manifest
Mint Mobilize Maintain
Meech Match Magnifies
Metered Mump Meed

Irregular Verbs Starting With M

Misgive Misspeak Misteach
Meet Melt Mishear
Misthink Miswrite Misset
Misspend Mishear  

Spanish Verbs Starting With M

Manuscribir Moquear Machar
Mecanizar Motivar Mojar
Malgastar Magnificar Manchar
Macerar Maravillar Masticar
Meditar Marrar Merecer

French Verbs With M

Monologuer Mandater Magouiller
Majorer Marronner Mâchonner
Madrigaliser Maquer  

Action Verbs That Start With M

Modeled Maintained Marketed
Mapped Managed Merited
Minified Mentored Metricized

Phrasal Verbs Starting With M

Make for Make Out Major in
Map Out Mete Out Make Up
Make Out Model on Make With
Move Out Meet With Mull Over
Make It Mark Up  

Positive Verbs Starting With M

Mentor Master Master
Mightily Motivate Marvel
Mingle Medicine Marvelled
Maintain Motor Massage
Marvel Mellow Monitor

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Verbs Starting With M | Images

Verbs That Start With M

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