Present Perfect Tense with Example – Present Perfect Tense (Formula, Rules, Example)

Present Perfect Tense with Example

Present Perfect Tense with Example!

Present perfect tense is a tense that denote an action at present and expresses something complete.

Which is the formula of present perfect Continuous Tense?

Formula for Affirmative sentence: Subject + helping verb + 3rd form of verb + object.

Formula for negative sentence: Subject + helping verb + not + 3rd form of verb + object.

Formula for interrogative sentence: Helping verb + subject + 3rd form of verb + object?

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Present Perfect Affirmative Examples

  • Immediately following the subject. According to the subject, use the helping verbs has and have.
  • Then secondly, use the third form of verb.
  • With he, she, it, or singular noun use ‘has’ and with I, we, they, you use the helping verb ‘have’.


Subject + Helping verb + form of verb3 + Object
He + has + taken + juice
I + have + taken + juice
It + has + taken + juice
She + has + taken + juice
They + have + taken + juice
We + have + taken + juice
You + have + taken + juice
Ali + has + taken + juice


Present perfect affirmative sentences

  • He has done his homework.
  • She has washed the clothes.
  • The rain has stopped.
  • You have helped us.
  • We have reached home.
  • He has completed my work.
  • The boys have completed their work.
  • He has escaped from jail.
  • We have invited them.
  • He has threatened them.
  • They have not defeated India.

Present Perfect Tense with Example

Present Perfect Tense Negative Sentences

  • In negative sentences of this tense, put ‘not’ after suitable helping verb and then 3rd form of verb.
Subject + Helping verb + not + form of verb3 + Object
He + has not + taken + juice
I + have not + taken + juice
It + has not + taken + juice
She + has not + taken + juice
They + have not + taken + juice
We + have not + taken + juice
You + have not + taken + juice
Ali + has not + taken + juice


Present perfect negative sentences

  • He has not taken breakfast.
  • She has not combed her hair.
  • You have not taken breakfast.
  • They have not taken breakfast.
  • The carpenter has not made a chair.
  • He has not told a lie.
  • Artist has not painted the picture.
  • The girl have not made up.
  • Asfa has not completed her work.
  • They have not attended his marriage.
  • He has not abducted the children.
  • They have not operated on the patient.

present perfect tense rules

Present Perfect Interrogative Sentence Rules

  • In these sentences, put the helping verb has, have at the start of the sentence before the subject.
  • Then 3rd form of verb is used, put interrogative mark (?) at the end of the sentence.


Helping verb + Subject + form of verb3 + Object
has + he + taken + juice
have + I + taken + juice
has + it + taken + juice
has + she + taken + juice
have + they + taken + juice
have + we + taken + juice
have + you + taken + juice
has + Ali + taken + juice


Present perfect interrogative examples

  • Has he won the match?
  • Has he washed the clothes?
  • Have they read the story?
  • Have they changed the clothes?
  • When have we sent the letter?
  • Why has he gone to Lahore?
  • How have they crossed the river?
  • Where have you lost the ring?
  • Have we bought the book
  • Has he read the newspaper?
  • Has he insulted his brothers?
  • Have they built the palace?
  • Has Ali wrung the clothes?
  • Has Ali occupied on the property?

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present perfect tense rules

Present Perfect Tense with Example Image

Present Perfect Tense with Example

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