5 Letter Words with Ate in The Middle

5 Letter Words with Ate in The Middle

Today, we’re going to talk about a fun word puzzle. Have you ever thought about 5-letter words that have “ATE” in the middle? It’s like a secret code hidden in the word. Let’s explore some of these words together!

What Does ATE Mean?

Before we start, let’s understand what “ATE” means. In many words, “ATE” is part of a bigger word. It doesn’t have a meaning by itself in these words, but it helps make the word complete.

5 Letter Word having ‘Ate’ in The Middle

  • Fates: Plural of “fate,” which refers to a predetermined course of events.
  • Paten: A plate used in religious ceremonies, particularly in the Eucharist.
  • Dated: Marked with a specific date; also means outdated.
  • Yates: A surname of English origin.
  • Gated: Enclosed or secured with a gate.
  • Laten: To make or become late.
  • Cater: To provide food and service for events.
  • Tates: Plural of “tate,” a colloquial term for potato.
  • Hater: One who hates.
  • Patel: A common surname in India, often indicating a head of a village.
  • Bated: Diminished or restrained, as in “bated breath.”
  • Sates: Third person singular present of “sate,” meaning to satisfy fully.
  • Patee: Cross having arms of equal length that broaden from the center.
  • Sater: Variant of “satyr,” a mythological creature.
  • Mates: Friends or companions; also, the plural of “mate” in a breeding pair.
  • Later: At some time in the future; afterward.
  • Lated: An old form of “belated” or delayed.
  • Dates: Plural of “date,” either the fruit or social meetings.
  • Hates: Third person singular present of “hate,” meaning to dislike intensely.
  • Gater: One who attends or guards a gate.
  • Eaten: Past participle of “eat.”
  • Eater: One who eats.
  • Oater: Slang for a Western movie or television drama.
  • Pater: Latin for father; also used informally.
  • Oaten: Made of or resembling oats.
  • Pated: Having a head or pate.
  • Mater: Informal term for mother.
  • Fated: Destined or predetermined.
  • Pates: Plural of “pate,” the top of the head or a meat spread.
  • Rated: Evaluated or graded.
  • Nates: Plural of “nate,” an old word for buttocks.
  • Mated: Paired with another for breeding; also means matched.
  • Ratel: A honey badger.
  • Rater: One who rates or evaluates.
  • Rates: Plural of “rate,” the measure or quantity of something.
  • Satem: Refers to a group of Indo-European languages where the palatovelars became sibilants.
  • Sated: Satisfied fully, especially in appetite.
  • Cates: Plural of “cate,” an old word for delicacies or food.
  • Water: A transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless chemical substance that is the main constituent of Earth’s hydrosphere.
  • Hated: Despised or detested.
  • Bates: Third person singular present of “bate,” which means to lessen or reduce.
  • Tater: Slang for potato.
  • Gates: Plural of “gate,” a barrier used to close an opening.
  • Latex: A milky fluid from plants that coagulates on exposure to air.
  • Dater: One who dates or assigns dates.
  • Matey: Friendly or sociable.

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5 Letter Words with Ate in The Middle

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