Ways to Say What’s Up: Funny & Creative

Ways to Say What's Up

The simple greeting “What’s up?” has become so ingrained in our language that we often use it without a second thought. But for those days when you feel a little adventurous or just want to put a smile on someone’s face, why not shake things up a bit? Here’s a collection of funny, quirky, and creative ways to ask someone how they’re doing.

Funny ways to say what’s up

  • What’s crackalackin’?
  • What’s popping up, buttercup?
  • How’s the universe treating you?
  • What’s the dealio?
  • What’s fresh on the plate, mate?
  • What’s the scoop, troop?
  • Howdy, partner!
  • How’s your mojo?
  • What’s the saga, you wanna jog-a?
  • How’s the doodle, poodle?
  • What’s going down in Groove Town?
  • How’s it hangin’?
  • What’s the 411?
  • How’s the quest, feeling blessed?
  • What’s fresh, no more stress?
  • How’s the scene, jellybean?
  • How’s the beat, sweetie?
  • What’s jumpin’, pumpkin?
  • What’s the story, morning glory?
  • What’s sizzling?
  • How’s your day, in a nutshell?
  • What’s poppin’, popcorn?
  • How’s the flow, Joe?
  • What’s your current state, isn’t it great?
  • What’s brewing, darling?
  • How’s the journey, Bernie?
  • How’s the rhyme, it’s about time!
  • How’s the rhythm, feeling with ’em?
  • How’s the vibe, tribe?
  • What’s the stitch, witch?
  • What’s the rave, Dave?
  • How’s your game, it’s never the same?
  • How’s the vibe on the tribe side?
  • What’s the jest, you’re the best!
  • What’s kickin’, little chicken?
  • What’s the current wave, brave?
  • How’s your play today?
  • What’s rolling, you going bowling?
  • How’s the trot, got a lot?
  • What’s in the air, Claire?
  • What’s the gist, couldn’t resist?
  • What’s hopping, anything dropping?
  • What’s the haps, chaps?
  • How’s life in the fast lane?
  • What’s shakin’, bacon?
  • What’s on the radar?
  • What’s on deck?
  • What’s the buzz, fuzz?
  • What’s cookin’, good lookin’?
  • What’s the news, with your shoes?

Creative ways to say what’s up

Here are some creative ways to greet someone with “What’s up?”:

  • What flavors of life have you tasted today?
  • What’s the weather like on your planet?
  • Any new tales to add to your book of adventures?
  • Painted any new masterpieces in your mind lately?
  • What chapter of your life story are you on now?
  • Caught any dreams in your net recently?
  • How’s the symphony of life playing for you?
  • How’s the world spinning in your corner?
  • What’s the spark in your eyes today?
  • What’s the latest passion you’re chasing?
  • How’s your personal universe expanding?
  • How’s the poetry of your life going?
  • Which page of life are you flipping today?
  • How’s the garden of your soul today?
  • What’s lighting up your world today?
  • How’s the canvas of your day looking?
  • What new dance steps have you learned lately?
  • How’s the universe unfolding for you?
  • How’s your heart’s compass pointing today?
  • How’s the current rhythm of your heartbeat?
  • Discover any new stars in your sky recently?
  • What melodies are stuck in your head?
  • How have the winds of change been treating you?
  • Found any magic moments today?
  • What’s the color of your day today?

Cute ways to say what’s up to a girl

  • What’s sparkling in your world today?
  • Hey, moonbeam, feeling dreamy?
  • How’s the day treating my favorite dreamer?
  • What’s new, butterfly?
  • What’s unfolding in your story today?
  • Hey, starshine, how’s it glowing?
  • How’s the world’s brightest star today?
  • How’s it blooming?
  • Sparkling as usual?
  • How’s it going, lovely?
  • Hey, wonder girl, what’s new?
  • What’s up, twinkle toes?
  • How’s my favorite smile today?
  • How’s the sky in your world?
  • Hey, beautiful, how’s the day?
  • How’s life, sweet pea?
  • What’s in the air for you, fairy?
  • Up to some magic today?
  • How’s the adventure today, explorer?
  • Hey there, sunshine!

Way to say what’s up” in a nice way

Here are some polite and nice ways:

  • How’s everything on your end?
  • How’s everything going?
  • How’s life treating you these days?
  • How are you today?
  • How’s your day unfolding?
  • Is everything okay with you?
  • How have you been lately?
  • I hope your day’s going well. Anything new?
  • It’s great to connect. How are things with you?
  • How’s the journey been lately?
  • Always a joy to hear from you. What’s new?
  • Good to see you. How have you been?
  • I’ve missed our chats. How are you doing?
  • Anything new or exciting happening?
  • Just checking in. How are you?
  • Hope you’re doing well. What’s new?
  • I trust all is well?

Rhyming ways to say what’s up

  • What’s askew, in the bayou?
  • Feeling blue or in a new hue?
  • What’s the clue, shoe?
  • Anything to construe, in today’s interview?
  • What’s the value, of your latest debut?
  • What flew, into your purview?
  • What’s the brew, guru?
  • Is life still true, cuckoo?
  • How are you, in the zoo?
  • How do you do, kangaroo?
  • In life’s avenue, is there something to pursue?
  • What’s to preview, in your review?
  • Ready to continue, or need a redo?
  • How’s the stew, at the venue?
  • How do you ensue, with life’s miscue?
  • What’s the queue, tattoo?
  • How’s the view, crew?
  • What’s new, Miss Blue?
  • How’s the canoe, going through?
  • Is everything on cue, like morning dew?

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