Cute & Funny Ways to Say Getting Married

Ways to Say Getting Married

Marriage is a significant and life-changing event, one that evokes a gamut of emotions, from nervous jitters to profound joy. It’s a time when two people choose to come together, blending their lives and souls into a symphonic unity. Given the gravity of the occasion, why not sprinkle a little humor and whimsy into the narrative? After all, love is both profound and playful. Here are some adorable and funny ways to say getting married.

Other Ways to Say Getting Married

  • Setting the date
  • Sealing it with a kiss
  • Exchanging vows
  • Giving their hand in marriage
  • Exchanging rings
  • Becoming man and wife
  • Becoming spouses
  • Becoming life partners
  • Saying “I do”
  • Having a wedding day
  • Sealing their union
  • Making the commitment
  • Becoming a wedded couple
  • Taking the plunge
  • Sharing nuptials
  • Making it official
  • Sealing the deal
  • Becoming husband and wife
  • Entering into marriage
  • Swearing lifelong commitment
  • Taking wedding vows
  • Making wedding plans
  • Saying their vows
  • Entering into wedlock
  • Signing the marriage license
  • Becoming wedded partners
  • Becoming a married pair
  • Going to the chapel
  • Holding a wedding ceremony
  • Celebrating their love legally
  • Declaring their love officially
  • Forming a marital bond
  • Walking down the aisle
  • Uniting as one
  • Joining in matrimony
  • Jumping the broom (a cultural reference)
  • Getting hitched
  • Becoming wed
  • Celebrating the big day
  • Tying the knot

Funny Ways to Say Getting Married

  • Booking a one-way trip to Marriageville
  • Getting the title of “home team”
  • Setting up a permanent plus-one
  • Retiring from the dating game
  • Bagging the other half
  • Swapping “me time” for “we time”
  • Signing up for the eternal sleepover
  • Joining the old ball-and-chain club
  • Upgrading to a duo package
  • Cashing in the “freedom chips”
  • Sealing the deal with a big rock (referring to a diamond ring)
  • Hitching the wagon to a star… or another wagon
  • Becoming co-captains of the love boat
  • Grabbing a partner for the forever dance
  • Swapping singlehood for shared Netflix accounts
  • Buying a one-way ticket to coupledom
  • Upgrading from boyfriend/girlfriend to roommates for life
  • Enrolling in the lifelong partner program
  • Trading in the single’s pass
  • Swiping right for life
  • Saying goodbye to solo snacks at midnight
  • Biting the matrimonial bullet
  • Registering for the lifetime partnership plan
  • Playing the ultimate game of house
  • Taking the “until the end of time” challenge
  • Jumping into the couple’s pool without floaties
  • Merging two “crazy” into one
  • Tying a not-so-easy-to-undo knot
  • Taking a ride in the commitment coaster
  • Taking the leap without a parachute
  • Going from “me” to “we” officially
  • Checking into the “honeymoon suite” indefinitely
  • Joining the “Happily Ever After… Hopefully” club
  • Choosing the forever roommate
  • Diving into the world of “for worse” and hoping for “for better”
  • Getting off the market… hopefully for good
  • Trading wild nights for cozy nights in
  • Exchanging freedom for a ring
  • Locking in the love contract
  • Committing to a lifetime of “us” selfies

Cute Ways to Say Getting Married

  • Finding our forever
  • Choosing our forever cuddle buddy
  • Merging our love stories
  • Embarking on our lifelong love journey
  • Locking hearts
  • Picking our forever teammate
  • Turning the page to our new adventure
  • Holding hands through life’s chapters
  • Joining our dreams and doodles
  • Piecing together our love puzzle
  • Writing our own “once upon a time”
  • Finding our happy place together
  • Chasing sunsets together
  • Building our love nest
  • Crafting our own love story
  • Starting our own fairy tale
  • Sealing our love tale
  • Making magic happen together
  • Choosing our forever adventure
  • Making two hearts beat as one
  • Setting sail on our love boat
  • Crafting a love that lasts
  • Becoming lovebirds for life
  • Becoming Mr. & Mrs.
  • Painting our forever canvas
  • Becoming stars in our own love story
  • Picking each other, always
  • Sharing one love umbrella
  • Merging our soul’s melodies
  • Planting our love tree
  • Capturing our happy ever after
  • Building our castle of love
  • Sealing our love letter
  • Charting our love map together
  • Diving into our love pond
  • Locking our love adventure
  • Making it a duo-dream
  • Pledging our pinky promises
  • Dancing to our forever song
  • Knotting our heartstrings

Other Words for Getting Married

Here are alternative words and phrases for “getting married”:

  • Sealing the marital covenant
  • Sealing their love
  • Solidifying their commitment
  • Becoming partners for life
  • Formalizing their love
  • Having a shotgun wedding
  • Culminating their love journey
  • Swearing eternal love
  • Becoming a wedded pair
  • Joining in wedded union
  • Taking a marital leap
  • Becoming betrothed
  • Hitching up
  • Committing for life
  • Becoming a duo
  • Joining in holy matrimony
  • Ringing the wedding bells
  • Uniting as spouses
  • Saying our nuptials
  • Jumping the broom
  • Cementing the union
  • Saying matrimonial pledges
  • Formalizing their union
  • Melding souls
  • Taking vows
  • Uniting in matrimony
  • Pledging wedded fidelity
  • Entering into a marital bond
  • Holding a matrimonial ceremony
  • Merging their lives
  • Becoming espoused
  • Taking the marital vows
  • Pledging love and fidelity
  • Elevating their relationship
  • Uniting in love and law
  • Embarking on a marital journey
  • Melding lives
  • Stepping into wedded life
  • Setting a wedding date
  • Declaring undying love
  • Sharing marital bliss
  • Beginning a new chapter together
  • Committing to each other
  • Celebrating nuptial rites
  • Commencing a wedded adventure
  • Marking their love milestone
  • Getting rings on their fingers
  • Becoming legally wed
  • Celebrating love’s promise
  • Pledging one’s troth
  • Joining lives
  • Signing the marriage certificate
  • Getting spliced
  • Making nuptial promises
  • Sharing a last name
  • Giving one’s hand in marriage
  • Binding in wedded bliss
  • Becoming a married couple
  • Sealing their fate
  • Tying the knot
  • Making honest
  • Becoming one
  • Sealing the marital bond

Idioms for Getting Married

  • Tie the knot – To get married.

Example: They decided to tie the knot after five years of dating.

  • Jump the broom – Refers to an old wedding tradition, meaning to get married.

Example: They jumped the broom in a small ceremony with close friends and family.

  • Pop the question – To propose marriage.

Example: He popped the question on their vacation in Paris.

  • Settle down – To start a stable life and family, often implying marriage.

Example: After years of traveling, she’s decided to settle down and start a family.

  • Take the plunge – To commit to a significant decision, often referring to marriage.

Example: They took the plunge and had a destination wedding.

  • Hitched – To get married.

Example: Did you hear? They got hitched last weekend!

  • Put a ring on it – A colloquial way of suggesting someone should propose or commit to marriage. Popularized by Beyoncé’s song “Single Ladies.”

Example: If you love her so much, why don’t you just put a ring on it?

  • Walk down the aisle – To get married (referring to the act of walking down the aisle during the ceremony).

Example: I can’t believe she’s walking down the aisle next month!

  • Give someone one’s hand in marriage – To agree to marry someone.

Example: She gave him her hand in marriage in a heartfelt ceremony.

  • Marry in haste, repent at leisure – A warning that suggests getting married quickly without much thought can lead to regret later on.

Example: I know they’re deeply in love, but I hope they don’t marry in haste and repent at leisure.

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