Negative Words that Start with Z

Negative Words that Start with Z

Negative words starting with the letter “Z” may not be as numerous as words beginning with other letters, but there are still a few examples that can convey negative meanings. Here are a few negative words that start with “Z”:

Negative Words Starting with Z

Here is a list of negative words starting with the letter Z, along with their meanings:

  • Zapped – Paralyzed or immobilized.
  • Zapped – Hit with sudden force or energy.
  • Zealous – Fanatical or overly enthusiastic.
  • Zapped – Exhausted.
  • Zapped – Sudden loss of power or functionality.
  • Zilch – Nothing.
  • Zonked – Exhausted or worn out.
  • Zapped – Drained of energy or enthusiasm.
  • Zapped – Emotionally drained or depleted.
  • Zealot – Fanatic or extremist.
  • Zigzag – Indirect or erratic.
  • Zombified – Turned into a zombie-like state.
  • Zapped – Overwhelmed or defeated.
  • Zany – Eccentric or bizarre.
  • Zinger – Hurtful or biting remark.
  • Zip – Nothing.
  • Zombie – Lifeless or apathetic.
  • Zapped – Ruined or destroyed.
  • Zero-sum – Resulting in no net gain.

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