Future Indefinite Tense Structure, Definition, Examples

Future Indefinite Tense Structure

What is the future indefinite tense?

A verb is a future tense that shows an action that will happen at some time in the future. The helping verb “will” or “shall” is used with the present form of the verb future indefinite tense structure. “Shall” is used with “I” and “we” and “will” is used with “he, she, it, they, and you”

Future Indefinite Affirmative sentences Structure

Rule: Subject + shall / will + 1st form of verb + object + ……… (.)

Future Indefinite Affirmative Tense Examples

  • We shall recite the Holy Quran daily.
  • He will run fast.
  • The gardener will water the plants.
  • I shall fulfill my promise.
  • You will eat mango.
  • His brother will drink the milk.
  • We shall offer the prayers regularly.
  • We will occupy on his property.
  • She will boil the eggs.
  • I shall boil the eggs.
  • The children will spoil the grass.
  • We shall spoil the grass.
  • They will beat me.

Future Indefinite Negative sentences Structure

Rule: Subject + shall / will + not + 1st form of verb + object + ………. (.)

Future Indefinite negative Tense Examples

  • He will not sin a song.
  • They will not tease anyone.
  • I shall not waste my time.
  • Stars will not shine during daytime.
  • We shall not go there.
  • I shall not advise him.
  • I shall not eat the rice.
  • We will not churn the curd.
  • I shall not avoid the bad company.
  • He will not listen the news on radio
  • I shall not cultivate new crops.

Future Indefinite Interrogative sentences Structure

Rule: Shall / will + subject + 1st form of verb + object + …….. (?)

Future Indefinite Interrogative Tense Examples

  • Will the fishermen catch fish?
  • Will the dogs bark at night?
  • Shall I perform my duty?
  • Shall we give alms?
  • Will the students take part in games?
  • Shall we irrigate the crops?
  • Will they publish a book?
  • Shall we oppose him?
  • Will he respect us?
  • Will they chase me?
  • Will he eat the rice?

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Future Indefinite Tense Structure | Images

Future Indefinite Tense Structure

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