Food Idioms PDF

food idioms pdf

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Food Idioms With Meaning

A piece of cake ==> something that is very easy to do

Spill the beans ==> to reveal a secret

Butter someone up ==> to flatter or praise someone in order to get something

Bread and butter ==> basic necessities or source of income

Cool as a cucumber ==> to be calm and composed in a stressful situation

Sour grapes ==> to disparage something that one cannot have

Salt of the earth ==> someone who is honest, dependable, and genuine

Egg on your face ==> to be embarrassed by something you have said or done

Chew the fat ==> to have a casual conversation

Fish out of water ==> to feel uncomfortable or out of place in a particular situation

Full of beans ==> to have a lot of energy or enthusiasm

Gravy train ==> an easy way to make money without much effort

In a nutshell ==> to sum up something briefly

Let the cat out of the bag ==> to reveal a secret or a surprise prematurely

Meat and potatoes ==> the fundamental or essential part of something

Pickle ==> a difficult situation or a problem

Spice things up ==> to add some excitement or variety to something

Sweeten the deal ==> to make an offer more appealing by adding extra benefits or incentives

Take something with a grain of salt ==> to not believe something completely or be skeptical

Wine and dine ==> to entertain someone with food and drinks, often in a fancy or lavish manner

Idioms for Tasty Food

Finger-licking good ==> delicious enough to lick your fingers after eating

Lip-smacking ==> mouth-watering and tasty

Good enough to eat ==> so attractive or appealing that it seems like it could be eaten

Melt-in-your-mouth ==> very tender or soft, and easily consumable

Heavenly ==> extraordinarily delicious or divine

Deliciously decadent ==> rich, indulgent, and full of flavor

Scrumptious ==> very tasty and appetizing

Yummy ==> a fun and playful way to describe something delicious

Delectable ==> highly pleasing to the taste buds

Flavorful ==> having a strong or pleasant taste and aroma

Delicious Food Idioms

To eat like a king/queen ==> to enjoy a luxurious and delicious meal

To have a sweet tooth ==> to have a strong liking for sweet food

To be a foodie ==> someone who loves food and enjoys exploring new cuisines

To have a taste for something ==> to have a particular preference for a type of food or flavor

To be a treat ==> something enjoyable or delicious that is often reserved for special occasions

To be the icing on the cake ==> something that makes a good situation even better

To be a feast for the senses ==> something that provides a rich and enjoyable sensory experience

To be a mouth-watering experience ==> to evoke a strong desire to eat due to the deliciousness of the food

To be a gastronomic delight ==> something that provides a delightful culinary experience

To be a flavor explosion ==> a dish or ingredient that has an intense and explosive flavor

Healthy Food Idioms

You are what you eat ==> this idiom emphasizes the importance of healthy eating habits and how they can impact our overall health.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away ==> a proverb that highlights the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables to maintain good health.

You can’t outrun a bad diet ==> this idiom implies that exercise alone cannot make up for an unhealthy diet.

You are what you digest, not what you eat ==> this idiom highlights the importance of proper digestion and absorption of nutrients in maintaining good health.

Health is wealth ==> this proverb emphasizes that good health is more valuable than material possessions.

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food ==> a quote attributed to Hippocrates that suggests that the right foods can prevent and heal diseases.

Eat clean ==> a term used to describe a diet consisting of whole, unprocessed foods that are minimally refined or free from additives.

Junk food is a silent killer ==> a phrase that warns about the dangers of consuming unhealthy, processed foods regularly.

You can’t buy good health ==> this idiom suggests that despite wealth and resources, good health cannot be bought but must be earned through a healthy lifestyle

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