Eight letter words starting with B

Eight letter words starting with B

Browsing through the dictionary for eight letter words starting with B can be a fun and challenging exercise for anyone who enjoys word games or wants to improve their vocabulary. With so many options to choose from, the task of finding the right word for a particular context can be both rewarding and enlightening. Whether you are a student preparing for a spelling bee or just someone who loves playing Scrabble, exploring this category of words can open up new avenues for expression and creativity. In this blog post, we will dive into the world of eight letter words starting with B.

Eight Letter Words Starting With B examples

Beautiful: This word is often used to describe something that is aesthetically pleasing, such as a person, a landscape, or a work of art. It can also be used to convey admiration or appreciation for something that is impressive or inspiring. For example, “The sunset over the ocean was so beautiful that it took my breath away.”

Boundary: This word refers to the limit or edge of something, such as a physical space or a conceptual idea. It can be used to describe a dividing line between two things, or to indicate a point beyond which something cannot go. For example, “The boundary between the two countries is marked by a tall fence.”

Business: This word is commonly used to describe the activity of buying and selling goods or services for profit. It can also refer to a company or organization engaged in such activities. For example, “I started my own business selling handmade jewelry online.”

Brilliant: This word is often used to describe something that is exceptionally intelligent, talented, or creative. It can also be used to describe something that is very bright or shiny. For example, “The brilliant scientist made a breakthrough discovery that changed the world.”

Behavior: This word refers to the way in which someone acts or conducts themselves, especially in social situations. It can also refer to the actions or reactions of a particular group or organism. For example, “The child’s behavior in the classroom was disruptive and disrespectful.”

Tips: When using these eight letter words starting with B, it’s important to pay attention to their context and usage. Some words may have multiple meanings depending on the situation, so it’s important to use them in the right way. Additionally, incorporating descriptive language and vivid imagery can help bring these words to life and make your writing more engaging.

8 Letter Words That Start With B

brulyies, brulzies, brumbies, brunched

builders, building, buildups, bulblets

bulkhead, bulkiest, bullaces, bullbats

beguiled, beguiler, beguiles, beguines

buggered, buggiest, bughouse, bugseeds

brindles, bringers, bringing, briniest

brionies, briquets, brisance, briskest

boatneck, boatsman, boatsmen, boatyard

biocides, bioclean, biocycle, bioethic

boggling, bogwoods, bogyisms, bohemian

buckbean, buckeens, buckeroo, bucketed

burglars, burglary, burgling, burgonet

bulldoze, bulldyke, bulleted, bulletin

brownish, brownout, browsers, browsing

brucines, bruisers, bruising, bruiters

birdlife, birdlike, birdlime, birdseed

browless, brownest, brownier, brownies

brothers, brougham, brouhaha, browband

bouquets, bourbons, bourdons, bourgeon

brookite, brooklet, broomier, brooming

backrest, backroom, backrush, backsaws

beclamor, beclowns, becrimes, becurses

beziques, bezzants, bhangras, bheestie

behooved, behooves, behoving, behowled

bestrode, bestrown, bestrows, beswarms

bellbird, bellboys, belleeks, bellhops

boundary, bounders, bounding, bountied

babbling, babydoll, baccarat, bacillar

bakeries, bakshish, baldness, balisaur

bouldery, bouncers, bouncier, bouncily

broodier, broodily, brooding, brookies

bungling, bunkered, bunkmate, bunkoing

bioscope, bioscopy, biosolid, biotechs

biotites, biotitic, biotopes, biotoxin

braising, brakeage, brakeman, brakemen

bouffant, boughpot, boughten, bouillon

bluecoat, bluefins, bluefish, bluegill

bankings, bankside, bannocks, bantered

batchers, batching, batfowls, batgirls

breading, breaking, breathed, brechams

balmoral, bambinos, bandager, bandeaux

bandages, bandanas, bandanna, bandeaus

billycan, bimanual, bimethyl, binaural

bauxitic, bawcocks, bawdiest, bawdrics

bronchus, brooders, brooking, brothels

botrytis, bottlers, bottling, bottomed

bacillus, backache, backbeat, backbend

basidium, basilect, basketry, bassinet

backsets, backside, backslap, backslid

bedazzle, beddings, bedevils, bedights

bothered, bothrium, botonnee, botryoid

bereaved, bereaver, bereaves, berettas

bottomry, botulins, botulism, bouchees

blanches, blandest, blandish, blankest

bendable, bendayed, bendiest, bendways

botchery, botchier, botchily, botching

biotypes, biotypic, biovular, biparous

bogeying, bogeyman, bogeymen, boggiest

botanies, botanise, botanist, botanize

boonless, boosters, boosting, bootable

boathook, boatings, boatlift, boatlike

barniest, barnlike, barnyard, barogram

bogbeans, bogglers, bohemias, boinking

baudrons, bauhinia, baulkier, baulking

broiders, brokenly, bromates, bromisms

bohriums, boilable, boiloffs, boilover

bosquets, bossdoms, bossiest, bossisms

bivinyls, bivouacs, biweekly, biyearly

Eight letter words starting with B

Eight Letter Words Starting with B

Blanking, blarneys, blastema, blasters

bustling, busulfan, busybody, busyness

brockets, brocolis, broguery, broguish

bilgiest, bilinear, billable, billbugs

benisons, benjamin, benomyls, benthons

boshboks, boshvark, boskages, boskiest

buckshot, buckskin, bucktail, bucolics

borsches, borschts, borstals, boscages

bitingly, bitsiest, bitstock, bittered

bitterly, bitterns, bittiest, bittings

bedabble, bedamned, bedarken, bedaubed

blacktop, bladders, bladdery, bladings

bootlace, bootlegs, bootless, bootlick

beshiver, beshouts, beshrews, beshroud

bornitic, boroughs, borrelia, borrowed

barchans, bareback, bareboat, barefoot

blowouts, blowzier, bluchers, bluebeat

busgirls, bushbuck, busheled, busheler

blackgum, blacking, blackish, blackleg

baguette, bagworms, bahadurs, baidarka

belittle, bellings, bellyful, beltless

boastful, boasting, boatable, boatbill

bimbette, bimensal, bimester, bimetals

babyhood, babysits, bacalaos, baccaras

barracks, barrater, barrenly, barrooms

badgered, badgerly, badinage, badlands

begazing, begirded, begorrah, begrudge

boarding, boardman, boardmen, boarfish

blushful, blushing, blusters, blustery

bluehead, blueings, bluejack, bluejays

barbicel, barbital, barbless, barbules

blotches, blousier, blowback, blowhard

borehole, boresome, boringly, borneols

borderer, bordures, boreases, borecole

bejabers, bejeezus, bejewels, bejumble

betaking, betatron, betatter, betelnut

berating, berberin, berberis, berceuse

biolyses, biolysis, biolytic, biometer

boracite, borating, bordeaux, bordello

boomiest, boomkins, boomlets, boomtown

bookmark, bookrack, bookrest, bookshop

butanols, butanone, butchers, butchery

besmokes, besmooth, besmudge, besnowed

beveling, bevelled, beveller, beverage

brambled, brambles, branched, branches

branders, brandied, brandies, branding

bucklers, buckling, buckrams, bucksaws

blueness, bluenose, bluesier, bluesman

barbeque, barbered, barberry, barbette

blogging, bloodied, bloodred, bloopers

bypassed, bypasses, byssuses, bystreet

beaklike, beamiest, beamless, beamlike

buhlwork, bulghurs, bulkages, bulldogs

beadsman, beadsmen, beadwork, beakiest

buddings, budworms, buffeter, bugbears

beanball, beanlike, beanpole, bearable

bullfrog, bullneck, bullpout, bullshot

buzzcuts, buzzwigs, buzzword, byliners

bobstays, bobtails, bobwhite, bocaccio

barkless, barleduc, barmaids, barmiest

bobbinet, bobsleds, bodement, bodysurf

banality, banalize, banausic, bandaged

bikinied, bilevels, billeted, billhook

babassus, babbitry, babbitts, babblers

barbwire, barehand, bargains, barguest

bihourly, bijugate, bijugous, bikeways

bighorns, bighting, bigmouth, bignonia

brailing, brailled, brailler, brailles

barstool, bartends, bartered, barterer

boredoms, bornites, borrower, boschbok

bullhead, bullhorn, bulliest, bullions

beclasps, becloaks, beclothe, beclouds

butyrous, butyryls, buxomest, buybacks

burnable, burnings, burnoose, burnouts

bartizan, barwares, baryonic, barytone

bosoming, botanica, botchers, botflies

bathless, bathmats, bathoses, bathrobe

breeding, bregmate, breviers, brewskis

blousily, blousing, blousons, bloviate

bergeres, berhymed, berhymes, beriberi

branners, brannier, branning, brantail

beseemed, besetter, beshadow, beshamed

8 Letter Words Starting with B

Eight letter words starting with B

Eight letter words with B

Bromized, bromizes, bronchia, bronchos

baloneys, balsamed, balsamic, baluster

biforked, bigarade, bigheads, bigstick

bitchier, bitchily, bitching, biteable

birretta, birrotch, birthday, birthing

billeter, billfish, billfold, billhead

bummalos, bumpered, bumpiest, bumpkins

buddleia, buddying, budgeted, budgeter

bewinged, bewormed, bewrayed, bewrayer

bushless, bushlike, bushpigs, bushtits

bradawls, bradding, bradoons, braggart

benumbed, benzenes, benzidin, benzines

brashier, brasiers, brasilin, brassage

brassart, brassica, brassier, brassies

brassing, brassish, brattice, brattier

bekisses, beknight, belabors, belabour

bethesda, bethinks, bethorns, bethumps

breather, breathes, breccial, breccias

breezier, breezily, breezing, bregmata

boltonia, boltrope, bombable, bombards

bechance, becharms, beckoned, beckoner

buttered, buttress, butyrins, buzzards

bedewing, bedframe, bedgowns, bediaper

birdshot, birdsong, birettas, birianis

bitumens, biunique, bivalent, bivalved

beeswing, beetlers, beetling, beetroot

bedimmed, bedimple, bedizens, bedlamps

bonnocks, bonspell, bonspiel, bontebok

broidery, broilers, broiling, brokages

burritos, burrowed, burrower, burseeds

blotless, blotters, blottier, blotting

barrator, barratry, barreled, barrener

boogyman, bookends, booklore, bookworm

blooping, blossoms, blossomy, blotched

beriming, beringed, berlines, bermudas

bassists, bassness, bassoons, basswood

brandish, brashest, brassard, brassily

belching, beldames, beleaped, belfried

burgrave, burgundy, burkites, burlesks

besotted, besought, bespeaks, bespoken

brocades, brocatel, broccoli, brochure

besmears, besmiled, besmiles, besmirch

betroths, bettered, beuncled, bevatron

brattled, brattles, braunite, bravados

bloomers, bloomery, bloomier, blooming

bepimple, bequeath, bequests, beraking

bluestem, bluetick, blueweed, bluewood

bulwarks, bumblers, bumbling, bumboats

bespread, besprent, besteads, bestiary

bravuras, brawlers, brawlier, brawling

barathea, barbaric, barbasco, barbecue

blissful, blithers, bloaters, blockers

brawnily, brazened, brazenly, braziers

banterer, bantling, baptised, baptises

bleached, blearier, blebbing, blellums

breached, breacher, breaches, breadbox

baseless, baseline, basement, baseness

bouncing, bounties, bourrees, boutique

bisector, bisexual, bishoped, bismuths

bearskin, bearwood, beasties, beatable

bunglers, bunrakus, buoyancy, burdener

basmatis, basophil, basseted, bassetts

brainiac, brainpan, brakiest, branchia

bombesin, bombings, bomblets, bombload

boiserie, boldface, boldness, bolivars

biofuels, biogases, biogenic, bioherms

basified, basifier, basifies, basilary

boxiness, boychiks, brabbler, brachial

bollards, bollixed, bollixes, bollocks

billiard, billings, billions, billowed

besieger, besieges, beslaved, beslimed

betokens, betonies, betrayal, betrayed

blowpipe, blowsier, blowsily, blowtube

bellowed, bellower, bellpull, bellwort

baldpate, baldrick, baldrics, balefire

beshames, besieged, beslimes, besmoked

biformed, bigamies, bigamist, bigamous

bilabial, bilander, bilayers, bilberry

Eight letter words starting with B

Eight letter words starting with B

Benadry, benaming, benchers, benching, battened, battener

battered, batterer, brindled, brioches, briskets, bristols

bunchily, bunching, buncoing, buncombe, bushgoat, bushidos

bushiest, bushings, bloodier, bloodies, bloodily, blooding

bailiffs, bailment, bailouts, bailsman, bemeaned, bemoaned

bemuzzle, benchtop, breakout, breakups, breaming, breasted

bullnose, bullocks, bullocky, bullpens, basaltes, basaltic

bascules, baseball, botryose, bottomer, boudoirs, boulders

biphasic, biphenyl, biplanes, biracial, bedstraw, bedticks

bedtimes, bedumbed, braggest, braggier, bragging, braiders

berouged, berretta, berrying, berseems, britches, britskas

brittled, brittler, britzkas, britzska, broached, broacher

broadaxe, broadens, broadest, broadish, brisking, brisling

bristled, bristles, blondest, blondine, blondish, bloodfin

breadnut, breadths, breakage, breakers, bluffest, bluffing

blunders, blungers, bullweed, bullwhip, bullyboy, bullying

bullring, bullrush, bullshat, bullshit, bizarros, biznagas

blabbers, blabbing, beltline, beltways, bemadams, bemadden

bedrivel, bedrocks, bedrolls, bedrooms, bidarkas, bidarkee

biddable, biddably, bluntest, blunting, blurbing, blurbist

baroques, barosaur, barouche, barrable, bombasts, bombycid

bondings, bonefish, brushing, brushoff, brushups, bruskest

baggings, baghouse, bagpiped, bagpiper, bekissed, beladied

belchers, belfries, bicuspid, bicycled, bicycler, bicycles

beautify, beavered, bebeerus, bebloods, blasties, blasting

blastoff, blastoma, bursitis, burweeds, bushfire, bushland

blurrily, blurring, blurters, blurting, bobbling, bobbysox

bobeches, bobolink, blockier, blocking, blockish, bloggers

backdrop, backfill, backfire, backfits, batteaux, batterie

baudekin, bauxites, biacetyl, biannual, biasedly, biasness

bafflers, baffling, bagasses, baggages, begulfed, beheadal

beholder, beignets, backstab, backstay, backstop, backward

bedmaker, bedposts, bedrench, bedsheet, battiest, battings

battlers, battling, brittles, broaches, brocaded, brockage

berthing, beryline, bescorch, bescours, backwash, bacteria

badasses, badmouth, buntings, buntline, buoyages, buoyance

bustards, bustiers, bustiest, bustlers, bonehead, boneless

bonemeal, bonesets, brainier, brainily, braining, brainish

butylate, butylene, butyrals, butyrate, behalves, behavers

behaving, behavior, backflow, backhand, backhaul, backhoed

bawdries, baywoods, beaching, beadroll, befriend, befringe

befuddle, begalled, backings, backland, backlash, backless

beakless, beanbags, bearably, bearlike, biomorph, bionomic

bioplasm, biopsied, bazookas, bdellium, beachboy, beachier

bruncher, brushier, brusquer, bryonies, bayadeer, bayadere

bayberry, bayonets, browbeat, browning, brucella, bruiting

biramose, biramous, birching, birdbath, bedeafen, bedecked

bedesman, bedesmen, barehead, bareness, baresark, barflies

bluecaps, bluegums, blueline, bluesmen, ballpark, ballroom

ballsier, ballutes, bhisties, biassing, biblists, bickered

banderol, banditos, banditry, banditti, binnacle, biocidal

biofilms, biologic, ballonet, ballonne, balloons, balloted

bevelers, bevomits, bewilder, bezazzes

Eight letter words starting with B

8 letter words that start with B

bodhrans, Bodiless, bodingly, bodysuit, bifacial, bifidity

bifocals, biforate, ballyhoo, ballyrag, balmiest, balmlike

bicornes, bicyclic, biddings, biennium, balanced, balancer

balances, baldhead, berimbau, bernicle, berserks, bescreen

barretor, barretry, barrette, barriers, boondock, bootjack

booziest, bordered, beechnut, beefalos, beefcake, beefiest

boneyest, bonfires, bongoist, bonhomie, backload, backlogs

backmost, backouts, beatific, beauties, bebopper, bechamel

benzoins, benzoles, benzoyls, benzylic, becrowds, becrusts

becudgel, becursed, boniface, boniness, bonitoes, bonneted

bloating, blobbing, blockade, blockage, bandoras, bandores

bandsaws, bandsman, biometry, biopsies, biotical, biotrons

bourride, boursins, bourtree, bousouki, bodywork, boehmite

boffolas, bogarted, binocles, binomial, bioassay, biochips

bouviers, bouzouki, bovinely, bovinity, blithest, blitzers

blitzing, blizzard, bowelled, boweries, bowering, bowfront

beladies, belauded, belayers, belaying, boodlers, boodling

boogeyed, boogying, bilobate, bilsteds, biltongs, bimanous

bandying, bangkoks, bangtail, banished, biparted, biradial

birdcage, birdings, beheaded, beheader, behemoth, beholden

bargello, bargeman, bargemen, barghest, bluffers, blunging

blurrier, blushers, blissing, blisters, blistery, blithely

ballasts, balletic, ballgame, ballhawk, betaines, bethanks

betiding, betrayer, bulgiest, bulimiac, bulimias, bulimics

bandmate, bandsmen, banisher, banjoist, bakeshop, bakeware

baklavas, baklawas, beaconed, beadiest, beadings, beadlike

bepaints, berascal, berdache, bergamot, brimfull, brimless

brimmers, brimming, bubblies, buckayro, buckeyes, buckshee

bibulous, bicaudal, bicepses, bichrome, blinkers, blinking

blintzes, blipping, blinders, blindest, blindgut, blinding

bryozoan, bubaline, bubblers, bubblier, banishes, banister

banjaxed, banjaxes, birdseye, birlings, biryanis, bisected

buffiest, buffoons, bugaboos, bugbanes, brokered, brokings

brollies, bromated, bromelin, bromides, bromidic, bromines

bankable, bankbook, bankcard, bankerly, bisnagas, bitchery

bitewing, bitterer, banknote, bankroll, bankrupt, banksias

bittocks, bivalves, bizarres, blackboy, backbite, backdoor

backflip, backhoes, bubbling, bubingas, buccally, buckaroo

bistered, bistorts, bistoury, bistroic, blethers, blighted

blighter, blimpish, brutally, brutisms, bruxisms, bryology

bindable, bindings, bindweed, bingeing, bimorphs, binaries

binarism, binately, bigaroon, bigeminy, bigfoots, biggings

banquets, banshees, banshies, bantengs, blankets, blastier

blastula, blauboks, blennies, blesboks, blesbuck, blessers

blowball, blowdown, blowfish, blowguns, bluebell, bluebill

bluebird, bluebook, blenched, blencher, blenches, blenders

buffable, buffalos, buffered, buffeted, bannable, bannered

banneret, bannerol, blackfly, blackout, blagging, blancher

bedmates, bedotted, bedouins, bedplate, barraged, barrages

barranca, barranco, boneyard, boniatos, bonniest, boobirds

baptisms, baptists, baptized, baptizer, blending, blessing

blindage, blinkard, bellying, belonged, beloveds, beltings

bleeders, bleeding, bleepers, bleeping, befallen, befinger

befitted, befleaed, barillas, baristas, baritone, barkeeps

boarders, boasters, boatfuls, boatload, begetter, beggared

beggarly, beginner, baccated, bacchant, bacchius, bachelor

bartisan, barytons, baseborn, basenjis, biathlon, bibcocks

bibelots, biblical, bacterin, baculine, baculums, badassed

beeriest, beeyards, beflecks, befouler, bastardy, bastiles

bastille, bastings, brattish, bravoing, brawnier, brazilin

beefwood, beehives, beelined, beelines, bowingly, bowknots

bowlders, bowlfuls, bedboard, bedchair, bedcover, beddable

bedunces, bedwards, bedwarfs, beebread, burblers, burblier

burbling, burdened, babesias, babiches, babirusa, babushka

barkiest, barnacle, baronage, baronnes, begirdle, beglamor

beglooms, begonias, backwood, backwrap, backyard, baclofen

bedstead, bedunced, beechier, beefless

Eight letter words starting with B

Eight Letter Words With B

Becoming, becoward, becrawls, becrimed, blearily, blearing

bleaters, bleating, bowlings, bowllike, bowshots, bowsprit

blowhole, blowiest, blowjobs, blowoffs, blowzily, blubbers

blubbery, blubbing, bleacher, bleaches, bleakest, bleakish

bashings, bashlyks, basicity, basidial, boweling, bowheads

bowlines, bowwowed, boxballs, boxberry, boxboard, boxhauls

bestowed, bestower, bestrewn, bestrews, brigades, brigands

brighten, brighter, brethren, brevetcy, breveted, breviary

bridoons, briefers, briefest, briefing, bribable, brickbat

brickier, bricking, bricoles, bridally, bridging, bridlers

brewages, brewings, brewises, brewpubs, bundlers, bundling

bungalow, bunghole, bombyxes, bonanzas, bondable, bondages

bolloxes, bollworm, bolognas, boloneys, becalmed, becapped

becarpet, bechalks, bushveld, bussings, bustline, busywork

blazered, blazoned, blazoner, blazonry, boxthorn, boxwoods

boyarism, boychick, beatings, beatless, beatniks, beaucoup

burghers, burgouts, burliest, burriest, birdcall, birddogs

birdfarm, birdfeed, bondless, bondmaid, bondsman, bondsmen

bronzers, bronzier, bronzing, brooches, bathtubs, batiking

batistes, battalia, brickles, bridling, brigaded, brightly

bairnish, baitfish, bakelite, bakemeat, bendwise, benignly

bentwood, benzoate, bursters, bursting, burstone, burthens

bemocked, bemuddle, bemurmur, bemusing, burdocks, burettes

burgages, burgeons, benedick, benedict, benefice, benefits

boycotts, boyhoods, boyishly, brabbled, butthead, buttocks

buttoned, buttoner, bedquilt, bedrails, bedraped, bedrapes

bludgeon, bludgers, bludging, blueball, brabbles, bracelet

braceros, brachets, biscotti, biscotto, biscuits, biscuity

brachium, bracings, braciola, braciole, backbone, backcast

backchat, backdate, bastards, bastions, bathetic, bathroom

baggiest, bagpipes, bailable, bailsmen, balladry, ballista

balloter, ballyard, brunches, brunette, brunizem, brushers

baroness, baronets, baronial, baronies, bolivias, bolloxed

bolshies, boltlike, basilica, basilisk, basinets, basinful

brackens, bractlet, braggers, braiding, bookfuls, bookings

booklets, booklice, bemingle, bemiring, bemisted, bemixing

bolsters, bolthead, bolthole, boltless, boogymen, boohooed

bookable, bookcase, bedsides, bedsonia, bedsores, bedstand

blamable, blamably, blameful, blanched, blatancy, blathers

blatters, blatting, brackets, brackish, braconid, bracteal

believed, believer, believes, beliquor, bewailed, bewailer

bewaring, bewigged, brechans, breeched, breeches, breeders

bushwahs, business, buskined, busloads, begotten, begrimed

begrimes, begroans, bickerer, bicolors, bicolour, biconvex

baalisms, baaskaap, baaskaps, baasskap, backlist, backpack

backseat, backspin, balkiest, balkline, ballades, balladic

baptisia, baptizes, barbells, barbican, bearcats, bearding

bearhugs, bearings, besoothe, bespouse, bestowal, bestride

bullyrag, bumelias, bunchier, bundists, beflower, befogged

befooled, befouled, bidental, bielding, biennale, biennial

blackcap, blackens, blackest, blackfin, ,

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8 Letter Words Begin With B

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