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Basic English Words PDF

Learning a new language can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, but it can also be a challenging one. One of the first steps to learning a new language is to build a strong foundation of basic vocabulary words. In English, there are thousands of words to learn, but starting with the most common and essential ones can help you communicate effectively in a variety of everyday situations. In this blog post, we will provide you with a Basic English Words PDF that you can use as a reference as you begin your English language learning journey. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refresh your knowledge, this resource will be a helpful tool to have on hand.

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A to Z Basic English Vocabulary Words

Absorb, Aide, Arm, Afraid, Appear, Aware, Activist, Although, Assess, Against, Appointment, About, Agree, Arab, Abuse, AIDS, Armed, Admit, Another, Attempt, Again, Appoint, Adjustment, Angry, Athlete, According, Alcohol, Arrive, Able, Aggressive, Approve, Accident, Airline, Arrangement, Adjust, Angle, At, Adequate, Anger, Assure, Admission, Annual, Attack, Active, Alternative, Assert, Abandon, Agenda, Appropriate, Advantage, Anymore, Attractive, Adventure, Anyone, Attribute, African, Appearance, Awareness, Action, Alter, Assault, Advance, Any, Attorney, Affect, Apparently, Avoid, Address, And, Assumption, Addition, Analyze, Association, Advice, Anyway, Author, Affair, Apparent, Average, Adviser, Apart, Auto, Achievement, Ally, As, After, Application, Awful, Account, Alive, Art, Advertising, Anything, Audience, Adopt, Anticipate, Attention, Accomplish, Album, Arrival, Abroad, Agricultural, Area, Accompany, Airport, Arrest, Academic, Aim, Army, Afternoon, Apply, Absence, Ah, Argue, Absolute, Ahead, Argument, Agency, Approach, Age, Appreciate, Administration, Animal, Athletic, Across, Already, Asleep, Activity, Always, Assessment, Acquire, Along, Ask, Act, Also, Aspect, Achieve, Allow, Artistic, Advanced, Anybody, Attract, Absolutely, Aid, Arise, Actor, AM, Asset, Actress, Amazing, Assign, Administrator, Anniversary, Atmosphere, Acknowledge, Alone, Aside, Accuse, Alliance, Artist, Actual, American, Assignment, Actually, Among, Assist, Ad, Amount, Assistance, Add, Analyst, Associate, Adapt, Analysis, Assistant, Adult, Anxiety, Attitude, Additional, Ancient, Assume, Admire, Announce, Attach, Abortion, Ago, Approximately, Access, Aircraft, Arrange, Afford, Appeal, Award, Ability, Agent, Approval, Accept, Air, Around, Advise, Anywhere, Authority, African-American, Apple, Away, Accurate, All, Article, Above, Agreement, Architect, Adolescent, Answer, Attend, Advocate, Apartment, Available, Acid, Almost, Asian, Barrier, Boom, Bit, Bedroom, Breast, Background, Blind, Ban, Body, Base, Boot, Besides, Building, Back, Blanket, Bench, Brown, Bathroom, Bottle, Balance, Board, Basis, Boss, Belt, Brother, Below, Broken, Beside, Build, Bed, Breakfast, Bag, Blow, Bible, Bus, Big, Business, Bite, Become, Break, Between, Burn, Birth, By, Belong, Broad, Believe, Bring, Bill, But, Bird, Buyer, Bind, Button, Bean, Boy, Blade, Battery, Bottom, Bike, Busy, Bet, Bunch, Basketball, Bother, Bank, Bombing, Basket, Both, Baseball, Border, Baby, Blame, Bar, Bond, Barely, Bone, Badly, Blood, Bad, Block, Bend, Brush, Beauty, Brand, Beer, Breath, Beautiful, Branch, Because, Bread, Beach, Box, Beyond, Bury, Barrel, Book, Before, Breathe, Begin, Brick, Beneath, Buck, Beat, Brain, Be, Bowl, Beginning, Bridge, Behavior, Brief, Behind, Briefly, Belief, Brilliant, Being, Bright, Better, Burden, Bell, British, Benefit, Budget, Ball, Boat, Basically, Borrow, Birthday, Bake, Blue, Basic, Born, Billion, Butter, Black, Battle, Boundary, Band, Bomb, Best, Bullet, Biological, Buy, Bear, Boyfriend, Capture, Civil, Composition, Corn, Cabinet, Chicken, Common, Contribution, Customer, Celebrity, Club, Congress, Cover, Camp, Chocolate, Comparison, Conversation, Cap, Cigarette, Complete, Cool, Car, Civilian, Comprehensive, Corner, Channel, Color, Consultant, Critical, Camera, Chip, Compare, Conventional, Champion, Collect, Constantly, Crime, Carrier, Clearly, Concert, Couch, Cancer, Christmas, Complain, Cookie, Career, Classroom, Concept, Correspondent, Chamber, Colleague, Constant, Crew, Challenge, Collapse, Consistent, Credit, Changing, Colonial, Construction, Critic, Celebration, Cloud, Confusion, Cousin, Can, Choose, Competitive, Convince, Charity, Comfort, Container, Crucial, Chart, Comfortable, Contemporary, Cry, Cable, Chief, Communicate, Control, Cut, Celebrate, Clothing, Confront, Court, Characterize, Come, Contact, Cross, Chemical, Commitment, Contrast, Curriculum, Chairman, Cold, Consist, Creature, Chain, Coffee, Considerable, Creation, Cheap, Commander, Contest, Culture, Chef, Commit, Contract, Currently, Cheek, Commercial, Continue, Curious, Cat, Clinical, Conduct, Counter, Calculate, Childhood, Community, Controversy, Carry, Client, Conclude, Could, Chase, Command, Content, Cultural, Character, Combination, Consumer, Criticize, Carefully, Clear, Concerned, Cotton, Capable, Circumstance, Complex, Cop, Careful, Clean, Concern, Cost, Carbon, Claim, Computer, Corporate, Call, Chinese, Company, Convention, Capacity, Cite, Complicated, Cope, Capital, Citizen, Component, Copy, Campus, Cholesterol, Competition, Conviction, Campaign, Choice, Compete, Convert, Championship, Collection, Constitute, Criminal, Cause, Closer, Confirm, Courage, Cell, Clue, Congressional, Coverage, Catholic, Closely, Confident, Couple, Ceiling, Clothes, Conflict, Course, Cast, Clinic, Condition, Count, Charge, Comedy, Contain, Crowd, Captain, City, Compose, Core, Center, Cluster, Connect, Cow, Central, Coach, Connection, Crack, Chance, Collective, Constitutional, Crisis, Category, Close, Confidence, County, Cash, Climb, Concrete, Counselor, Century, Coal, Consciousness, Craft, CEO, Coalition, Consensus, Crash, Ceremony, Coast, Consequence, Crazy, Certainly, Code, Consider, Create, Certain, Coat, Conservative, Cream, Characteristic, Combine, Consumption, Crop, Chair, Cognitive, Consideration, Creative, Change, College, Construct, Criteria, Candidate, Church, Complaint, Cooking, Care, Classic, Concentration, Correct, Cabin, Chest, Committee, Contribute, Custom, Canadian, Christian, Competitor, Cook, Card, Class, Concentrate, Corporation, Check, Comment, Context, Cup, Cake, Child, Communication, Controversial, Cycle, Case, Climate, Conclusion, Council, Capability, Circle, Completely, Cooperation, Chapter, Column, Consume, Criticism, Cheese, Commission, Continued, Current, Catch, Clock, Conference, Country, Dear, Dimension, Detailed, Dramatic, Definitely, Dish, Dance, Device, Drink, Date, Different, During, Death, Dining, Depth, Do, Damage, Development, Dress, Depend, Diversity, Declare, Dirty, Darkness, Differ, Dry, Decide, Directly, Department, Diverse, Deny, District, Depression, DNA, Define, Disease, Dare, Die, Drop, Deserve, Dominate, Design, Door, Detect, Dramatically, Deficit, Discussion, Description, Domestic, Destruction, Drag, Demonstration, Distribution, Democratic, Distinguish, Desire, Doubt, Destroy, Draft, Desperate, Downtown, Deer, Discipline, Dad, Develop, Drawing, Decline, Disability, Designer, Double, Derive, Document, Deck, Dirt, Day, Difficult, Duty, Decision, Director, Debate, Dinner, Daily, Developing, Dream, Dead, Difficulty, Deal, Dig, Dangerous, Dialogue, Driver, Danger, Devote, Drive, Dependent, Divide, Defense, Discrimination, Definition, Dismiss, Defendant, Discovery, Defensive, Discuss, Deeply, Disaster, Desert, Dominant, Dealer, Digital, Degree, Disorder, Delay, Display, Depending, Division, Defend, Discover, Deep, Disappear, Deliver, Dispute, Delivery, Distance, Demand, Distant, Democrat, Distinction, Democracy, Distinct, Describe, Dog, Demonstrate, Distribute, Depict, Divorce, Data, Difference, Due, Decade, Direction, Detail, Drama, Dark, Diet, Drug, Debt, Direct, Desk, Down, Determine, Draw, Decrease, Disagree, Daughter, Differently, Dust, Deputy, Doctor, Despite, Dozen, Defeat, Discourse, Early, Entertainment, Exposure, Enable, Exhibition, Effect, Estimate, Enforcement, Expect, Enjoy, Explain, Earn, Entire, Express, Else, Evolution, Energy, Expansion, Electronic, Everyday, Easy, Equal, Extra, English, Experiment, Easily, Environment, Extensive, Electricity, Everybody, Electric, Every, Elite, Evidence, Educator, Estate, Engineer, Expensive, Emission, Example, Emotion, Exceed, Encounter, Exist, Educational, Establishment, Emerge, Examination, Employment, Exercise, Election, Ever, Elderly, Event, Emphasis, Except, Employer, Executive, Employ, Exchange, Economy, Escape, End, Existing, Eat, Equally, Extraordinary, Emotional, Excellent, E-Mail, Exact, Eastern, Episode, External, Enough, Explode, East, Environmental, Extent, Earnings, Entirely, Expression, Enemy, Expand, Each, Ensure, Explore, Eager, Enter, Explosion, Engine, Expense, Engage, Expectation, Element, Everyone, Educate, Essentially, Effective, Etc, Editor, Essential, Education, Establish, Economist, Error, Eye, Emergency, Examine, Ear, Enterprise, Expose, Effectively, Ethics, Efficiency, Ethnic, Elementary, Everything, Edition, Essay, Economics, Era, Extremely, Efficient, European, Effort, Evaluate, Egg, Evaluation, Either, Evening, Eight, Even, Embrace, Exactly, Elect, Eventually, Eliminate, Everywhere, Enhance, Expert, Ease, Entry, Extension, Empty, Exhibit, Engineering, Experience, Earth, Entrance, Extend, Emphasize, Exception, Encourage, Existence, Economic, Equipment, Extreme, Enormous, Explanation, Elsewhere, Evolve, Employee, Exciting, Edge, Especially, Fine, Funeral, Fiber, Frequency, Fail, Flow, Fight, Friendship, Final, Fully, Finger, Funny, Father, Former, Fifty, Friendly, Farmer, Forever, Fit, Fill, Fuel, First, Farm, Forest, Far, Foreign, Fate, Formation, Fade, Floor, Figure, Fruit, Federal, Foundation, Fee, Founder, Fiction, Frequent, Faculty, Float, Fear, Forward, Few, Freeze, Fantasy, Force, Famous, Football, Feel, Fourth, Fence, Freedom, Fellow, Framework, Fabric, Flame, Fifteen, Fresh, Fitness, Feed, Four, Favor, Forth, Fishing, Finance, Function, Fish, Finish, Furniture, Fifth, Friend, Financial, Fund, Find, Fundamental, Fighting, Front, Fighter, From, Fashion, Forget, Factor, Flesh, Failure, Flower, Fact, Flee, Factory, Flight, Flag, Feature, Found, Finding, Funding, Fair, Fly, Fairly, Focus, Fast, Form, Facility, Flavor, Fix, Faith, Folk, Fall, Follow, False, Following, Family, Foot, Familiar, Food, Favorite, Fortune, Fan, For, Fat, Formal, Film, Full, Firm, Fewer, French, File, Frustration, Fire, Furthermore, Feeling, Frame, Field, Frequently, Five, Finally, Fun, Fault, Formula, Female, Free, Face, Flat, Future, Guarantee, Gradually, Gene, Grant, Grocery, Guard, Glad, Grandmother, Gifted, Game, Guy, Greatest, Gain, Guideline, Gift, Giant, Given, Gender, Gray, Goal, God, Graduate, Gear, Glove, Grab, Ghost, Gesture, Golden, Governor, Good, Garlic, Grand, Gang, Gold, Glass, Gallery, Gun, Group, Galaxy, Guilty, Guess, Grandfather, Grow, Growing, Grave, Grass, Girl, Gay, General, Gather, Gaze, Garden, Go, Growth, Generally, Generate, Girlfriend, Gate, Garage, Generation, Genetic, Gentleman, German, Gently, Global, Get, Give, Green, Guide, Grade, Great, Guest, Golf, Grain, Gap, Ground, Glance, Government, Gas, Honey, Highway, Hardly, Hunter, His, Hole, Honor, Helicopter, Hire, Heaven, Hot, Hit, Horse, Heat, Heart, Height, Hard, Hungry, Historical, Here, Heritage, Hill, Happy, Hundred, Helpful, Highlight, Hearing, Healthy, Herself, High, Hi, Hall, Housing, Himself, Habit, Hotel, Hero, Hello, Host, Holy, Hospital, Hope, Hip, Home, Homeless, Historic, Historian, Heavily, Hang, Human, Hat, Hunting, Handle, Huge, Happen, Humor, Half, Household, Her, Honest, Hate, Hurt, Have, Husband, Heavy, Handful, However, Hair, House, He, Hypothesis, Head, Headline, Health, Headquarters, Help, Hear, Heel, Hold, Horror, Highly, History, Horizon, Hey, Him, Habitat, Hour, Holiday, Hell, Hide, Hand, How, I, Index, Its, Impression, Investigate, Inside, Incident, Involve, Increasing, Island, Indian, Itself, Image, Interaction, Incentive, Invite, Ignore, Intelligence, Infection, Increase, Iron, Industrial, If, Intellectual, Ie, Insurance, Illustrate, Intention, Inquiry, Income, Iraqi, Immigration, Internet, Impact, Interpret, Impressive, Investigation, Innocent, Immediately, Internal, Impossible, Invasion, Identity, Instrument, Identification, Instruction, Implication, Intervention, Impose, Introduction, Importance, Into, Ingredient, Improvement, Investment, Inflation, Implement, Interpretation, Imagine, Interested, Infant, Incredible, Issue, Industry, Indicate, In, Investor, Indeed, It, Independence, Italian, Including, Involvement, Include, Involved, Ill, Intend, Injury, Insight, Initiative, Inner, Information, Immigrant, International, Independent, Item, Insist, Inspire, Illegal, Intense, Initially, Inform, Install, Instance, Ice, Instead, Ideal, Institutional, Idea, Institution, Immediate, Interesting, Identify, Instructor, Illness, Intensity, Increased, Islamic, Individual, Impress, Invest, Incorporate, Irish, Indication, Imply, Interview, Improve, Investigator, Influence, Increasingly, Israeli, Imagination, Interest, Important, Introduce, Initial, Jury, Job, Jet, Junior, Jump, Journalist, Join, Jewish, Jew, Jacket, Judgment, Just, Judge, Juice, Journal, Justice, Justify, Joy, Joke, Japanese, Jail, Joint, Journey, Knowledge, Kitchen, Kiss, King, Know, Kind, Killer, Knee, Knife, Keep, Key, Kick, Kill, Kid, Killing, Knock, Learning, Later, Lot, Lie, Lawn, Low, Leadership, Least, Little, Law, Lover, List, Legend, Lead, Lung, Leg, Lip, Link, Literature, License, Lay, Lucky, Lady, Locate, Lake, Location, Latin, Lots, Library, Laboratory, Loan, Last, Loss, Line, Limitation, Landscape, Long, Largely, Lose, Lap, Look, Less, Laugh, Love, Legislation, Land, Lock, Label, Living, Legal, Leaf, Legacy, Leather, Launch, Lovely, League, Lean, Lawyer, Luck, Lawsuit, Lower, Listen, Level, Life, Letter, Liberal, Length, Lack, Local, Learn, Lifestyle, Lifetime, Literally, Let, Lemon, Lift, Light, Like, Limit, Likely, Labor, Load, Limited, Literary, Leader, Left, Late, Lost, Layer, Lunch, Leave, Language, Long-Term, Latter, Loud, Legitimate, Leading, Lab, Live, Large, Loose, Lesson, Maintenance, Minute, Menu, Mystery, Marriage, Moon, Meter, Mad, Million, Major, Miracle, Measure, Mr, Metal, Me, Mouse, Man, Mixture, Military, Makeup, Mission, Mayor, Mountain, Maybe, Mount, Meanwhile, Movie, Marketing, Mood, Middle, Medication, Muscle, Medicine, Museum, Mere, Myth, Market, Month, Media, Multiple, Mental, My, May, Motor, Math, Motion, Meet, Musical, Memory, Mutual, Member, Muslim, Manufacturer, Modern, Mess, Manage, Mm-Hmm, Medium, Music, Meat, Ms, Mall, Mix, Mail, Mine, Male, Mistake, Majority, Mirror, Message, Main, Minister, Mainly, Minor, Mexican, Method, Meal, Mouth, Margin, Money, Married, Moral, Map, Moment, Mark, Monitor, Manner, Moderate, Medical, Murder, Maintain, Minority, Marry, More, Mask, Moreover, Mean, Move, Many, Mom, Manager, Model, Mass, Morning, Massive, Mortgage, Master, Most, Material, Mother, Match, Mostly, Mechanism, Much, Matter, Motivation, Meaning, Movement, Machine, Milk, Maker, Missile, Mention, Myself, Might, Make, Miss, Meeting, Musician, Merely, Management, Mode, Magazine, Mind, Measurement, Mrs, Membership, Must, Manufacturing, Modest, Negative, Nobody, Nation, Nearby, Negotiate, Nowhere, Narrow, Nothing, Net, Nature, Neither, Note, Not, Now, No, Natural, Nine, Numerous, Nose, North, Newly, Name, Network, Nuclear, Nervous, Necessarily, Nerve, Negotiation, Narrative, Necessary, Neck, Native, National, Notice, Nice, Nod, Next, Night, New, Nurse, Need, Noise, Nomination, Notion, Newspaper, Nevertheless, None, Nonetheless, Nor, Normally, Normal, Number, Northern, Novel, Near, Neighborhood, Naturally, Neighbor, Naked, Never, Nearly, N’t, News, Nut, Ok, Occasion, Oppose, Odd, Office, Okay, Our, Ocean, Originally, Onion, Offensive, Once, Original, Origin, Ought, Opportunity, Off, Over, Object, Overall, Occasionally, Opponent, Outside, Obvious, Orientation, Organization, Obligation, Overlook, Obtain, Observe, Own, Opening, Occupy, Online, Objective, Overcome, Out, Ongoing, Official, One, Old, Occur, Often, Oh, Of, Odds, Other, Operator, Opposite, Operation, Opinion, Open, Oven, Oil, Opposition, Option, Others, Operating, Onto, Or, Orange, Order, Organic, Ordinary, Outcome, Organize, Otherwise, Offer, On, Obviously, Offense, Olympic, Observation, Owe, Occupation, Only, Officer, Ourselves, Observer, Owner, Operate, Participate, Plant, Pretend, Push, Page, Physical, Pray, Prove, Peace, Politically, Problem, Pair, Pie, Pregnancy, Psychologist, Paper, Pitch, Presentation, Pull, Participation, Plastic, Pretty, Put, Person, Possibility, Prompt, Painting, Picture, Preference, Psychological, Perhaps, Portray, Progress, Pass, Plenty, Primarily, Panel, Pink, Presence, Publish, Partner, Player, Price, Performance, Portrait, Program, Perform, Portion, Profit, Permit, Possess, Promote, PC, Political, Probably, Palm, Pilot, Prepare, Publication, Persuade, Potential, Proposal, Pet, Potentially, Propose, Pain, Physically, Prayer, Provide, Payment, Policy, Private, Personnel, Pot, Property, Pack, Photographer, Practical, Protest, Perfectly, Port, Profile, Perception, Population, Professional, Phenomenon, Pour, Prosecutor, Pace, Photograph, Powerful, Protein, Phone, Powder, Protect, Patch, Poem, Print, Paint, Piano, Predict, Province, Passage, Plot, Primary, Phase, Pound, Proposed, Personality, Possibly, Proper, Party, Pleasure, Priest, Park, Plan, President, Purchase, Partnership, Please, Pride, Particular, Plate, Prevent, Painter, Pick, Prefer, Provision, Parking, Plane, Presidential, Pure, Part, Planet, Press, Purpose, Palestinian, Pile, Preparation, Public, Pale, Piece, Pregnant, Psychology, Period, Pose, Project, Pause, Pole, Prisoner, Peak, Politician, Procedure, Pattern, Point, Prison, Pay, Police, Privacy, Past, Pocket, Principle, Perspective, Potato, Proportion, Participant, Planning, Pressure, Pursue, Peer, Politics, Proceed, Penalty, Poll, Process, Permanent, Position, Prominent, Patient, Poetry, Priority, Passion, PM, Principal, People, Pollution, Produce, Pepper, Pool, Producer, Per, Poor, Product, Percentage, Popular, Profession, Perceive, Pop, Production, Personally, Post, Properly, Perfect, Porch, Professor, Permission, Positive, Promise, Pant, Pipe, Present, Publisher, Partly, Play, Previously, Package, Phrase, Practice, Proud, Pan, Pine, Prescription, Publicly, Particularly, Platform, Previous, Philosophy, Poverty, Prospect, Painful, Physician, Precisely, Provider, Passenger, Plus, Prime, Parent, Place, Preserve, Punishment, Personal, Possible, Proof, Photo, Power, Protection, Path, Poet, Prior, Quickly, Quarterback, Quote, Quiet, Quick, Question, Qualify, Quite, Quit, Quarter, Quality, Quietly, Register, Rifle, Recover, Responsible, Range, Remarkable, Row, Refer, Retain, Regard, Revolution, Regular, Right, Reality, Research, Reduction, Result, Read, Republican, Relation, Role, Refugee, Revenue, Reinforce, River, Reaction, Representative, React, Representation, Real, Requirement, Raise, Remaining, Routine, Reflection, Return, Receive, Resistance, Recent, Resolution, Recovery, Rest, Rain, Remain, Route, Reasonable, Resident, Record, Response, Reach, Represent, Ratio, Report, Recipe, Resort, Recommendation, Respondent, Recognize, Respect, Release, Root, Red, Restore, Relationship, Roll, Recently, Resolve, Really, Resemble, Relate, Rock, Regardless, Rice, Reject, Road, Regularly, Ring, Reduce, Restriction, Regime, Rich, Region, Rid, Reflect, Retirement, Reference, Retire, Reader, Reputation, Radio, Religious, Roughly, Rank, Remember, Rub, Radical, Religion, Rough, Rail, Rely, Round, Relax, Room, Recall, Resist, Regional, Ride, Rapid, Remind, Rule, Rapidly, Remote, Run, Reading, Request, Racial, Relief, Rose, Relatively, Roof, Rare, Remove, Running, Rarely, Repeat, Rural, Rate, Repeatedly, Rush, Rating, Reply, Rather, Replace, Reason, Reservation, Raw, Reporter, Ready, Require, Refuse, Review, Regulation, Risk, Recording, Responsibility, Reform, Reveal, Regulate, Rise, Recognition, Resource, Recruit, Restaurant, Relative, Romantic, Regarding, Rhythm, Realize, Researcher, Recommend, Respond, Race, Relevant, Rope, Russian, Section, Sight, Sound, String, Scheme, Shoe, Soldier, Stomach, Suspect, Separate, Sit, Spiritual, Successfully, Scientist, Short, Somehow, Story, Swing, Search, Shower, Song, Street, Sector, Sign, Soup, Strip, Sample, Shake, Smart, Stare, Suppose, Scientific, Shore, Somebody, Storm, Swim, Salary, Severe, Slightly, Stake, Sun, Segment, Silver, Speak, Studio, Script, Shout, Somewhere, Strategy, Seed, Significantly, Soviet, Structure, Salad, Several, Slight, Stair, Summit, Sake, Seven, Slide, Stage, Summer, Same, Shadow, Small, Star, Supporter, Sentence, Sister, Spirit, Successful, Scream, Should, Sometimes, Stranger, Symptom, Sauce, Sheet, Snow, Status, Surgery, Save, Shelf, So, Stay, Surprise, Scholar, Shoot, Solid, Stone, Sustain, Sensitive, Sir, Spin, Success, Satisfaction, Sharp, Smooth, Station, Surely, Scene, Shit, Soil, Stir, Survive, Safety, Settlement, Slice, Staff, Suit, Sad, Setting, Slave, Stability, Suggestion, Say, Shelter, Soccer, Steal, Surprising, Scenario, Shirt, Software, Still, Survival, Scandal, Shine, Society, Step, Surround, Sell, Sin, Specific, Subject, School, Shop, Solve, Storage, Sweep, Seize, Similar, Speaker, Study, Saving, Shell, So-Called, Steady, Surprised, Sand, Shape, Smile, State, Supreme, Seem, Silent, Spanish, Student, Seat, Shut, Sophisticated, Strengthen, Seek, Silence, Space, Struggle, Secure, Signal, Source, Stroke, Science, Shopping, Some, Store, Sweet, Second, Sick, Sorry, Stress, Secret, Side, Sort, Stretch, Score, Shot, Something, Strange, Symbol, Scope, Shortly, Someone, Straight, Switch, Sale, Sex, Slip, Stand, Super, Senior, Single, Spend, Substantial, Sequence, Site, Split, Such, Send, Singer, Speed, Substance, Sense, Sink, Spending, Succeed, Self, Simply, Species, Style, Satisfy, She, Snap, Statistics, Surface, Secretary, Sigh, Soul, Strike, Series, Situation, Spokesman, Sudden, Serious, Six, Sport, Suddenly, Sales, Sexual, Slow, Standard, Supply, Senator, Sing, Speech, Subsequent, Selection, Simple, Specialist, Stupid, Seriously, Size, Spot, Sue, Serve, Ski, Spread, Suffer, Service, Skill, Spring, Sufficient, Sacred, Set, Sky, Squeeze, Suggest, Session, Skin, Square, Sugar, Satellite, Share, Smoke, Statement, Sure, Safe, Settle, Sleep, Stable, Suicide, Salt, Shade, Slowly, Standing, Support, Sea, Show, Son, Stream, See, Significant, Southern, Strongly, Schedule, Shock, Solar, Stock, Survivor, Screen, Shoulder, Somewhat, Strategic, System, Security, Significance, South, Strong, Scale, Shift, Social, Steel, Surprisingly, Scholarship, Shooting, Solution, Stop, Swear, Select, Similarly, Special, Stuff, Season, Shrug, Soon, Strength, Sanction, Shall, Smell, Start, Supposed, Scared, Ship, Soft, Stick, Survey, Senate, Since, Specifically, Submit, Tall, Threaten, True, Theory, Transform, Telephone, Together, Thick, Treat, Tactic, This, Tribe, Tank, Three, Truly, Test, Toward, They, Travel, Terrible, Touch, Taxpayer, Tie, TV, Table, Third, Trend, Task, Throw, Tube, Terms, Totally, Term, Total, Terrorist, Tournament, Teenager, Toe, Think, Tree, Thank, Track, Thanks, Trade, Therapy, Transformation, Teen, Today, Text, Toy, Themselves, Training, Tent, Toss, Tennis, Top, The, Traditional, Theme, Train, Their, Tragedy, Team, Tire, Two, Therefore, Translate, Tea, Tight, Twelve, That, Tradition, Testimony, Tower, Tax, Ticket, Turn, Take, Though, Trip, Taste, Thus, Tunnel, Tap, Throat, Trust, These, Transportation, Tale, Thought, Troop, Talent, Thousand, Trouble, Thing, Treaty, Thin, Treatment, Territory, Tough, Technique, To, Telescope, Tomato, Technical, Title, Technology, Tobacco, Teaching, Tip, Twin, Than, Trace, Talk, Threat, Truck, Television, Tomorrow, Tell, Tone, Terror, Tour, Teaspoon, Tissue, Typical, Teacher, Tiny, Twice, Temperature, Tongue, Temporary, Tonight, Ten, Too, Tendency, Tooth, Tend, Tool, Testing, Town, Tension, Topic, Terrorism, Tourist, Tablespoon, Thirty, Trial, Target, Throughout, Try, Then, Transfer, Thinking, Tremendous, Tape, Through, Truth, Theater, Traffic, There, Transition, Teach, Time, Twenty, Tail, Those, Trick, Testify, Towards, Them, Trail, Tear, Tired, Type, Typically, Uncle, Unusual, Unknown, University, Universe, Until, Unable, Us, Use, Ultimately, Urban, Universal, Unit, Useful, Utility, Usual, Used, Upon, Unless, Ugly, Under, Ultimate, Urge, Undergo, Understand, Unlike, Understanding, Unfortunately, Uniform, Unique, Union, Upper, United, Unlikely, User, Up, Usually, Video, Valuable, Voter, Vary, Very, View, Various, Virtually, Version, Violation, Vote, Vehicle, Value, Volunteer, Vacation, Visit, Variation, Virtue, Violent, Veteran, Violence, Viewer, Variety, Via, Victim, Vegetable, Vast, Voice, Vs, Vital, Volume, Vision, Victory, Vulnerable, Visual, Visible, Versus, Violate, Valley, Venture, Village, Variable, Virus, Vessel, Visitor, Whose, Well, With, Wheel, While, Why, Way, Worth, Whatever, Wash, Works, Willing, Whether, Wife, Warning, Working, Warn, Worker, Wave, Worry, Wish, Where, Wear, Writing, Weather, Wrong, West, Wise, Wealthy, Write, Welcome, Warm, Work, Want, Wooden, Week, Weight, Weekly, Wing, Wet, Win, Wedding, Weak, Wound, Will, White, Wild, Wide, What, Who, Whole, Whenever, When, Waste, Workshop, Wire, Withdraw, Wipe, Wisdom, Wine, Weapon, Writer, Whom, Within, Wage, Without, Watch, World, Winter, Window, Wait, Witness, Wake, Woman, Walk, Wonder, Wander, Wood, Wall, Wonderful, Wealth, Wrap, War, Word, Water, Worried, Which, Widespread, Welfare, Whereas, Widely, Weekend, Western, Wind, Whisper, We, Would, Weigh, Winner, Yield, Youth, Yourself, You, Yesterday, Yeah, Yes, Yell, Your, Yard, Yours, Yet, Year, Young, Yellow, Zone.

English Words for Beginners

Night, Squirrel, Rain, Song, Coat, Bear, Hill, Seed, Wind, Doll, Smile, Car, Bed, Flower, Robin, Star, Door, Home, Toy, Sun, Boy, Paper, Bell, Grass, Street, Child, Shoe, Nest, House, Wood, Snow, Day, Fish, Eye, Bath, Corn, Friend, Picture, Chicken, Game, Duck, Stick, Letter, Party, Chocolate, Sheep, Hand, Mother, Dog, Fire, School, Sister, Tree, Kitty, Watch, Goodbye, Cow, Egg, Thing, Apple, Baby, Top, Cat, Farm, Ring, Ball, Man, Cake, Water, Head, Name, Bird, Way, Back, Birth, Bread, Christmas, Brother, Window, Boat, Book, Girl, Time, Garden, Horse, Morning, Leg, Santa Claus, Father, Floor, Money, Table, Pig, Story, Box, Milk, Rabbit, Chair, Foot, Ground.

Simple Words for Daily Use

Door, Picture, Fish, Fire, Book, Bear, Wind, Apple, Snow, Ring, Rain, Head, Egg, Sister, Ball, Seed, Farm, Sheep, Shoe, Doll, Bread, Boat, Father, Girl, Robin, Bath, Window, Watch, Water, Bird, Night, Star, Boy, Wood, Chocolate, Baby, Kitty, Stick, Chair, Song, Home, Tree, Duck, Toy, Game, Street, Floor, Squirrel, Coat, Hill, Brother, Bed, Mother, Foot, Horse, Bell, Morning, School, Top, Story, Ground, Hand, Back, Smile, Box, Car, Nest, Letter, Sun, Child, Table, Cow, Time, Chicken, Milk, Cat, Dog, Paper, Man, Cake, Rabbit, Friend, Garden, Money, Thing, House, Birth, Way, Name, Santa Claus, Party, Day, Goodbye, Pig, Corn, Eye, Grass, Flower, Christmas, Leg.

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