Animals That Begin With Z

Animals That Begin With Z

List Of Animals That Begin With Z

  • Zebu
  • Zebra Finch
  • Zonkey
  • Zebra Pleco
  • Zorse
  • Zebra Shark
  • Zebra Snake
  • Zebra Spitting Cobra
  • Zebra
  • Zuchon
  • Zebra Mussels

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Animals That Begin With Z Facts And Infographics


Zebu animal

The Zebu is a domesticated animal that is found in many parts of the world. It is a member of the cattle family and is usually used for dairy production, but can also be used for meat or draft purposes. The Zebu is known for its hump on its back, which is used to store fat. This hump is used as a source of food during times of drought or famine. The Zebu is a hardy animal and can withstand harsh conditions.


Zebra Finch

The Zebra Finch is a small bird that is native to Australia. It is a popular pet bird and is known for its distinctive black and white plumage. The Zebra Finch is a social bird and often forms flocks with other finches. It is an active bird and enjoys perching on branches and leaves. The Zebra Finch is a seed eater and also feeds on insects.

Animals That Begin With Z


A zonkey is a hybrid animal that is the result of crossing a zebra and a donkey. These unique creatures are not very common, but they are gaining in popularity due to their striking appearance. Zonkeys are usually smaller than their zebra parent, but they inherit the zebras stripes. They are also known to be friendly and docile, making them a popular choice for petting zoos and other public attractions.


Zebra Pleco

If you’re looking for a beautiful and unique freshwater fish for your aquarium, you may be interested in the zebra pleco. This fish is native to the Amazon River basin and is named for its black and white stripes. The zebra pleco is a peaceful fish that does well in a community tank. It’s a bottom-dweller that feeds on algae and other small food items. Adult zebra plecos can reach a length of around 4 inches.


A zorse is a hybrid animal that is created when a male zebra is bred with a female horse. The resulting offspring is a zorse. Zorses are typically sterile, but there have been a few reports of zorses that have been able to reproduce. Zorses are usually found in zoos or wildlife sanctuaries. They are popular animals because of their unique appearance. Zorses have the body of a horse and the stripes of a zebra. Zorses are usually docile and easy to handle. They can be trained to do tricks and can even be ridden. Zorses are a popular choice for children’s petting zoos because of their friendly nature.

Zebra Shark

The Zebra Shark is a species of carpet shark in the family Hemiscylliidae, commonly found in shallow tropical waters throughout the Indo-Pacific region. The shark is easily identified by its black-and-white striped coloration, which fades to a brown or grayish hue as the shark matures. The Zebra Shark is a relatively small species, reaching a maximum length of just over 1 meter (3.3 feet).

Zebra Snake

The zebra snake is a beautiful, unique creature found in North America. It is easily recognizable by its black and white stripes, which resemble those of a zebra. These snakes are not venomous, but they are constrictors and can be dangerous if not handled properly.

Zebra snake


The zebra is a member of the horse family, and there are three main species of zebra: the plains zebra, the Gr√©vy’s zebra, and the mountain zebra. Zebras are known for their striped coats, which are thought to help them evade predators. Zebras are social animals and live in herds of up to several hundred individuals. Although zebras are herbivores, their diet is varied and includes grasses, leaves, twigs, and bark.


Zebra Mussels

They wr5ere first discovered in the Great Lakes in the 1980s and have since spread to many other freshwater systems in North America. Zebra mussels are a serious invasive species because they are very prolific and can quickly colonize new areas. They compete with native species for food and shelter, and their sharp shells can cause injury to animals and humans.

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