Animals That Begin With N List With Pictures | PDF

Animals That Begin With N

When it comes to animals, countless species exist around the world. From the vast oceans to the deep jungles, the variety of creatures is astounding. While some animals are easily recognizable, others may be less familiar. In this article, we will be exploring some of the animals that start with the letter “N”. Whether you are an animal enthusiast or just curious to learn more, this list will introduce you to a range of creatures that you may not have heard of before. So, let’s take a closer look at some fascinating animals that begin with N.

All Animals That Start With N

  • Naked Mole Rat
  • Nigerian Goat
  • Nalolo
  • Northern Inuit Dog
  • Norfolk Terrier
  • Neanderthal
  • Nase
  • Noodlefish
  • Noddy
  • Northern Fur Seal
  • Nicobar pigeon
  • Nudibranch
  • Numbat
  • Nicator
  • Norwich Terrier
  • Nutria
  • Noctule
  • Nkupe
  • Nunbird
  • Nuthatch
  • Nurse Shark
  • Nematode
  • Neapolitan Mastiff
  • Numbray
  • Norwegian Forest
  • Nautilus
  • Natterjack
  • Nandu
  • North American Black Bear
  • Newfypoo
  • Nightcrawler
  • Newfoundland
  • Newt
  • Needlefish
  • Nubian Goat
  • Nabarlek
  • Nightfish
  • Nighthawk
  • Northern Alligator Lizard
  • Nënë
  • Neddicky
  • Nightingale
  • Nightjar
  • Nile Crocodile
  • Ningaui
  • Nilgai
  • Norwegian Lundehund
  • No See Ums
  • Northern Cardinal
  • Narwhal
  • Nyala
  • Napu
  • Nunlet
  • Nebelung
  • Norwegian Elkhound
  • Nurseryfish
  • Nene

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Sea Animals Name That Start With N

  • Nautilus
  • Narwhal
  • Nudibranch
  • Nurse shark
  • Northern pike
  • North Pacific giant octopus
  • Northern seahorse
  • North American river otter
  • Northern fur seal
  • Northern elephant seal
  • North Atlantic right whale
  • North Atlantic humpback whale
  • North Pacific humpback whale
  • Northern bottlenose whale
  • Northern hemisphere humpback dolphin
  • Northern common dolphin
  • Northern gannet
  • Northern fulmar
  • North Pacific giant octopus
  • Northern krill

Farm Animals List That Start With N

  • Nubian goat
  • New Hampshire chicken
  • Narragansett turkey
  • Norfolk Black turkey
  • Nolana sheep
  • Namaqua sheep
  • North Country Cheviot sheep
  • Navajo-Churro sheep
  • Nigora goat (a crossbreed between a Nigerian Dwarf goat and an Angora goat)
  • Nandi goat
  • Nordic Red cattle
  • Norman Cob horse
  • Nankin chicken
  • Naked Neck chicken (also known as Turkens)
  • Nederlandse Kooikerhondje (a Dutch breed of dog traditionally used to help hunt ducks and other waterfowl)

Zoo Animals That Start With N

  • Nile crocodile
  • Northern fur seal
  • Naked mole-rat
  • Numbat
  • North American river otter
  • Nutria (also known as coypu)
  • Narwhal
  • North American porcupine
  • Nilgai (a type of antelope)
  • Nene (a Hawaiian goose)
  • Nyala (a type of African antelope)
  • Namaqua chameleon
  • Narrow-headed softshell turtle
  • Northern white-faced owl
  • Nicobar pigeon

Desert Animals That Begin With N

  • Namaqua chameleon
  • North African ostrich
  • Nubian ibex (a type of wild goat)
  • North African hedgehog
  • North African crested porcupine
  • Naked mole-rat
  • Nile crocodile (found near desert oases)
  • North African desert fox
  • Northern bald ibis
  • North African spiny-tailed lizard

Rainforest Animals List That Start With N

  • Night monkey (also known as owl monkey)
  • Nutria (also known as coypu)
  • Nine-banded armadillo (found in some rainforests of Central and South America)
  • Numbat
  • Nectar bat
  • Neotropical river otter
  • Neotropical cormorant
  • Northern tamandua (a type of anteater found in Central and South America)
  • Northern Amazon red squirrel
  • Nandy (a type of rodent found in the Amazon rainforest)

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Animals That Start With Letter N | Pictures

Animals That Begin With N

Animals Starting With N

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