Adjectives: Words To Describe Hair

Words To Describe Hair

Hair is a unique feature of our appearance, and the words we use to describe it can really paint a picture. Adjectives are special words that give more information about nouns. In this case, the noun is hair. Let’s learn about different words to describe hair.

  1. Colors of Hair:

  • Gray/White: Hair that has lost its color, often seen in older people.
  • Blonde: Light-colored hair, from golden to very pale yellow.
  • Black: Very dark hair, like the color of night.
  • Red: Hair that is the color of a cherry or a rusty iron.
  • Brown: This can range from light brown like caramel to dark brown like chocolate.
  1. Length of Hair:

  • Short: Hair that is above the shoulders.
  • Medium: Hair that is around shoulder length.
  • Long: Hair that goes past the shoulders, sometimes down to the waist or even longer.
  1. Texture of Hair:

  • Straight: Hair that is not curly or wavy.
  • Curly: Hair that has lots of curls.
  • Coarse: Hair that is rough to the touch.
  • Wavy: Hair that is not completely straight but not fully curly.
  • Smooth: Hair that is soft and flat.
  • Frizzy: Hair that is puffy and a bit wild.
  1. Condition of Hair:

  • Dry: Hair that looks a bit lifeless and needs moisture.
  • Thin: Hair that doesn’t have much volume and can sometimes see the scalp through.
  • Oily: Hair that looks greasy and needs to be washed.
  • Healthy: Hair that looks shiny and strong.
  • Dull: Hair that doesn’t have much shine.
  • Thick: Hair that has a lot of volume.

Fancy Word for Hair

  • Ringlets: Describes hair that naturally forms tight curls or spirals.
  • Locks: Refers to individual, often long sections of hair.
  • Plaits: Another term for braids, used to describe hair that is woven together.
  • Coiffure: A French-derived word that refers to a hairstyle, often intricate or elegant.
  • Rapunzel-like: Refers to extremely long, often fairytale-like hair, after the character Rapunzel.
  • Crowning Glory: A phrase used to describe hair in a way that emphasizes its beauty and importance.
  • Follicles: Refers to the individual structures from which hair grows; used more in scientific or medical contexts.
  • Strands: Individual hairs, often used when discussing the fine details of hair.
  • Tresses: Often used in literary contexts, it implies long, flowing hair.
  • Mane: Used to describe hair that is thick, long, and sometimes untamed, similar to a lion’s mane.

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