Popular Informal Contractions List

Popular Informal Contractions List!

Informal language is more spontaneous and casual. It is used when communicating with family or friends either in writing or in conversation with informal way. The tone is more personal than informal. Informal Contraction is a short form of other words that people use when speaking friendly.  We normally use them only when speaking fast.

Popular Informal Contractions List

Sorta =Sort of

Ain’t  =Has not/have not

Whatcha =What are you

S’more =Some more

Cos =Because

Mussna =Must not have

Wontcha =Won’t you

Outta =Out of

Betcha =Bet you

Cmon =Come on

Hasta =Has to

Wouldna =Wouldn’t have

Hafta =Have to.

Coulda =Could have

Dija =Did you

Lotsa =Lots of

Musta =Must have

Needa =Need to

Wanna =Want a

Oughta =Ought to

Shouldna =Shouldn’t have

Usta =Used to

Tell’em =Tell them

Ain’t =Am not/are not/is not

Innit? =Isn’t it?

Gotcha =Got you

Kinda =Kind of

I’mma =I’m going to

Mighta =Might have

Supposta =Supposed to

Gotta =Got to

Gonna =Going to

Alotta =A lot of

Layder =Later

Mightna =Mightn’t have

Gimme =Give me

Dontcha =Don’t you

Dunno =Don’t know

Didntcha =Didn’t you

D’you =Do you

Cuppa =Cup of

Gotta =(have) got a

Whatcha =What have you

She’da =She would have

Woulda =Would have

Shoulda =Should have

Mucha =Much of

Wanna =Want to

Lemme =Let me

Ya =You/ you are

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