Other Ways to Say According To

Other Ways to Say According To

When it comes to writing, using the same phrases repeatedly can make your content monotonous and uninteresting. One of the most commonly used phrases in academic and professional writing is “according to.” While this phrase is helpful in attributing information to a source, it can become repetitive and lose its impact. Therefore, it’s essential to have a diverse vocabulary to add variety and depth to your writing. In this blog post, we will explore other ways to say according to.

Ways to Say According To

  • mentioned by
  • AB related
  • in agreement with
  • conforming to
  • based on
  • as you can see
  • as maintained by
  • in keeping with
  • in proportion to
  • on the basis of
  • in consonance with
  • it is believed by
  • as stated in/by
  • as per
  • as said by someone
  • in the opinion of
  • in the light of
  • as reported by
  • referring to
  • in AB’s opinion
  • in accordance with
  • on the authority of
  • AB stated
  • as believed by
  • as explained by
  • in line with
  • as claimed by
  • pursuant to
  • as part of…
  • as mentioned by
  • in conformity with
  • as specified by
  • as far as I know
  • just as
  • in relation to
  • in concordance with
  • as determined by

Other Ways to Say According to The Text

  • As stated in the passage
  • In the text, it is mentioned that
  • Based on the information presented
  • In line with what was written
  • According to the author’s words
  • The passage indicates that
  • In keeping with the text
  • The text suggests that
  • Following the information in the passage
  • In accordance with the written material
  • In the words of the author
  • According to the source material
  • Per the text
  • The text asserts that
  • In agreement with the passage
  • The passage states that
  • As the text describes
  • The text reports that
  • In accordance with the written content
  • The author indicates that

Other Ways to Say According to in an Essay

  • As mentioned by
  • In line with
  • Per
  • Based on
  • Following
  • According to the findings of
  • In accordance with
  • Referring to
  • Citing
  • Taking into account
  • In keeping with
  • With reference to
  • According to the research of
  • As stated by
  • According to the analysis of
  • With regard to
  • As reported by
  • As outlined by
  • In agreement with
  • According to the data presented by

According to Synonym

  • As per
  • In accordance with
  • In line with
  • Based on
  • In keeping with
  • As stated by
  • As reported by
  • In agreement with
  • According to the findings of
  • Following

Ways to Say According To with Examples

  • In line with

Example: The results are in line with our expectations.

  • Per

Example: Per our conversation, I’ll send you the documents by tomorrow.

  • Citing

Example: Citing the recent study, 70% of people prefer online shopping.

  • As per

This is a more formal synonym, often seen in business communications.

Example: As per the regulations, employees must wear safety gear at all times.

  • Based on

Example: Based on recent reports, the company is doing well in the third quarter.

  • As described by

Example: The artwork, as described by the curator, depicts the struggles of the working class.

  • From the viewpoint of

Example: From the viewpoint of economists, the policy change is a welcome move.

  • From the perspective of

Example: From the perspective of the locals, the new law is highly beneficial.

  • In the words of

Example: In the words of the author, “the essence of life is to find purpose.”

  • As reported by

Example: As reported by the local news, there was an accident on the freeway this morning.

  • In accordance with

Example: In accordance with the manual, you must switch off the device before cleaning.

  • Following

Example: Following the guidelines, the product has been deemed safe for consumption.

  • As stated by

Example: As stated by the manager, there will be a team meeting tomorrow.

  • Quoting

Example: Quoting the scientist, “The experiment was a significant breakthrough.”

  • On the authority of

Example: On the authority of the principal, the school will be closed on Friday.

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Other Ways to Say According To

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