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Mispronounced words

30 Often Mispronounced words in English Pronunciation

Mispronounced words! This is a very common practice in natives too. A meaning of a word can be completely changed by wrong pronunciation and that’s why a lot of English humor is based on mispronunciation. It is just like if someone pronounces “Nuclear” like “nucular”.  Along with common grammar mistakes if you are mispronouncing words …

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direct and indirect speech in Detail

Direct and Indirect speech

Direct and Indirect speech! Reporting and Reported Speech When a person reports a speech, a statement, an order, etc. of another person, the words uttered by the first person are called the reporting speech, and the speech, the statement, or the order of the other person is called the reported speech. Example: Reporting speech———————————Jokey said,                                                        …

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synonyms and antonyms list

Synonyms and Antonyms list

Synonyms and Antonyms List! Antonyms are words with opposite meanings. Synonyms are words with the same or similar meanings. synonyms and antonyms examples, synonyms and antonyms list, synonyms and antonyms in pdf, similar words. Opposite Words (Antonyms) – Video Lesson Synonyms and Antonyms list Words Synonyms Antonyms abandon desert, forsake keep abash disconcert, rattle uphold, discompose abate …

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Types of sentences with examples

Types of sentences with examples

Types of Sentences with Examples! Definition of Sentence A sentence is a group of related words conveying some meaning or expressing one complete thought. Types of sentence There are four types of sentences Statement Interrogative Sentences Imperative Sentences Exclamatory Sentences Statement Statements are Sentences conveying some information. Examples: The gardener waters the plants. He is …

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